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on the fence


We can never make our minds up about frank lampard here at kickette.

Is he a cutie or … not so much?

Case in point:

Very cute: signing autographs in flash car; stubble; good shades

Not at all cute: weird pointy nipple thing happening

Cute: with daugher, Luna

Cute: standing next to david beckham, nuff said

No, never, not gonna happen: taking it to the streets

Such are the dilemnas that keep us up at night. That, and trying to understand how he could possibly have missed every bloody chance to score a goal for England at the World Cup. Not that we’re still bitter.

john terry haiku


Buff man chest
Face somewhat pleasing
New captain.

The Friday Fit: David James

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well, well


Who would have ever thought we’d find a photo of Steven Gerrard looking … dare we say it… so bloody appealing. We’ve always been on the fence about Mr. G. But no more.

A front-runner along with John Terry to take over as England captain, Mr G is working the hell outta his banana shorts.

Freddie Ljungberg: On The Bench


Freddie Ljungberg is still struggling with a foot injury and looks likely to miss the start of Arsenal’s Premiership season. Right now he’s got an inflammed ankle and an infection.

But is this news?

What we want to be reporting on is who is nursing his fine self back to health.  And why he hasn’t changed his name to something sexier than “Freddie”.