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The Midweek Mmm: Erik Paartalu, Brisbane Roar


Right, can anyone remember where we left the Kickette camper van? Images: Matt Roberts/Getty Images, Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.

When it comes to the Australian A-League, our flighty affections lie squarely in Melbourne, where Harry Kewell and his fam are nearing the end of plying their cuteness.  However, a good old rummage through the dark recesses of the photo agencies this morning has forced us to consider an impromptu trip.

You think Brisbane Roar’s Erik Paartalu would mind awfully if we set up camp on his front lawn? We won’t mention the possibility of midnight sneak attacks on his bedroom if you don’t.

The Tuesday Torso: Alexander Mendoza, El Salvador


Image: REUTERS/Harrison McClary.

The Monday Mmm: Samuele Longo, Inter Milan

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Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe.

Things might be awful for the Inter Milan seniors, but we see plenty of room for optimism in the U19s.

Namely Samuele Longo, seen here celebrating a penalty win for his side in the NextGen Series Final vs. Ajax U19. Despite sporting the unnervingly smooth skin of a 19-year-old, he’s actually 20, meaning you members of the Kickette Special Forces (Cougar Battalion) are free to dust off your supplies of baby oil and head on in with minimum guilt.

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The Midweek Motivator: Rene Krhin, Bologna FC


Image: Paolo Bruno/Getty Images Europe.

Because nothing propels us over the midweek hump better than an unexpected visit from Mr Short Tent.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Tuesday Two-Fer


Image: David Ramos/Getty Images; REUTERS/Andrea Comas.

Few players can elicit personal place trembles with a flash of their flesh quite like Cristiano Ronaldo. Truth be told, we’re forced to reject close up photos of his valuables on an hourly basis, simply because there are too many of them to publish without us becoming a totally Crispy-based blog.

But we’re feeling generous today and want our readers’ personal places to tremble by taking in two of our favourite Cristiano moments from recent weeks: a six pack shot supplied with assistance from Betis’ defender Nelson Augusto Tomar, and a glimpse of his show-stopping thighs by way of his hotpants from training.

See. Sigh. Share. It’s never not about the three S’s for us.