'The Weekly Fit' Category

The Friday Fit: Paolo Cannavaro, SSC Napoli


Hi Fabio’s little brother – my, how we’ve missed your older brother you! Image Credit: Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images Europe.

Survival Of The Hottest: Murat Yakin, FC Luzern


Murat Yakin (r). When you’re hot, you’re hot. And when you’re wearing a classy coat/scarf combo instead of a hideous quilted jacket and jeans, you’re even hotter. Images: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann, Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Europe.

It’s been a while since we’ve visited this category, but while we were browsing the photos of this weekend’s league action we happened upon the rather fetching countenance of FC Luzern’s manager, Murat Yakin.

Murat is the elder brother of Switzerland midfielder Hakan Yakin, and represented the country an amazing 49 times too, although our hottie research department failed to notice this. Other oversights included the fact that Murat is not averse to taking his clothes off in the name of fashion, he’s great with cute kids and is very comfortable with making controversial remarks about referees.

What are you waiting for, club chairmen? This man has all of the qualities necessary to steer an elite European club to glory. Get the hell on it!

Midweek Manpile: Gareth Bale & Jermain Defoe, Tottenham


Welsh Gareth Bale tangle on the ground Adebayor

Good to see Gareth having a good time with the guys after this past weekend’s unfortunate news, which he told his club’s Web site left him ‘devastated.’ Image Credit: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe.

The Tuesday Torso: Johnny Heitinga, Everton FC


Before volunteering, players need to be aware that all male guests who attend the Kickette Star Wars marathon are required to adhere to a strict dress code. Basically, this. Image: Chris Brunskill/Getty Images Europe.

Tuesday Torso: Lucas Neill, Australia


We’re really reaching here, aren’t we? Image Credit: Mark Nolan/Getty Images AsiaPac.