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The Monday Mmm: Keisuke Honda, Japan


Image: Chris Hyde/Getty Images.

This pic was taken in June, when Keisuke Honda played for Japan in a World Cup Qualifier vs. Australia.

The fact that we missed this, plus the opportunity to pen an entirely new rom-com called ‘When Keisuke Met Cahill’, will haunt us always.

Carlos Bocanegra: A Rollercoaster Ride


YouTube Preview Image

H/T to Jeannette for the nudge!

Having watched this behind-the-scenes-of-his-ESPN-naked-photoshoot video about 1000 times this morning already (for quality control purposes, obviously), we must advise you that it’s a bit of a mixed bag, emosh wise. Here’s why:

  • The unbridled joy one can only experience when watching a beautiful man wander around a field, as naked as the day he was born. (Most of it.)
  • The abject horror, closely followed by denial, anger, bargaining and all those other stages of bereavement, as we see that it is actually someone’s job to smear Boca Boca with watery mud. (1.14).

They just about even themselves out overall, but it’s a tough journey, Kickettes. Watch this with your therapist, just to be sure.

Sergio Ramos: Campaigning Hard For The Finest Five


We just can’t quit the ‘ballers on breaks right now, Kickettes. Is that so wrong of us?

Don’t answer that.

In light of yesterday’s rethinking of the Finest Five (thanks to Carlos), what do you all have to say about us potentially bumping Sergio up on our hottie totem pole?

The Midweek Mmm: Mats Hummels, Germany


Image: Alex Grimm/Getty Images.

The Tuesday Torso: Carlos Bocanegra


boca muffin burger naked in espy the magazine

Images: ESPN.

Thoughts on this particular Tuesday Torso, Kickettes:

1. We sincerely hope ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue never stops doing what it does.

2. Why oh why did these pictures have to come to an end?

3. According to our belief system, this is a ticket straight to the top of the Finest Five. We’re currently in crisis talks to determine the best course of action.