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Mirko Vucinic: Shorts are For Suckers


Image: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic via Daylife

QOTD: Mardy Fish Is Succinct On Spain


Cesc. Gulp. (AP Photos/Daylife)

“They’re all in unbelievable shape. You won’t come across a top-50 Spaniard who isn’t afraid to take his shirt off in practice and looks good doing it.”

Whilst talking about Spanish tennis players, US star Mardy Fish neatly outlines our entire remit.

Thanks C!

Ryan Giggs: Status As GQMF Officially Confirmed


… and it’s about time too. Giggsy and Stacey looked ridiculously hot at the GQ Man of the Year Award arrivals on Tuesday, no? (She’s wearing Phillip Lim, btw.) Ryan won 2010 Sportsman of the Year. Congrats!

Style-Off: England Boys’ Back-To-Reality Looks


Post World Cup non-glory, some of our favourite English lads have headed off to spend time with their significant others. What else do we have now but to judge their apparel?

In London, Frank Lampard left his Chelsea flat (with g/f Christine Bleakley);

In Southport, Captain Steven Gerrard had lunch at Bistro Verite with his two daughters and wife Alex (she wore clogs. Soz. Had to mention); and

In France, David Beckham headed to Bargemon to be with Victoria and their three boys.

Which of the back-to-reality boys gets your vote for the best style-whilst-sad look? We think they all look rather good, but it’s hard to out-do Becks when it comes to casual cute.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Marco Borriello and Andrea Pirlo arrive for Italian National team training; they’re plaid and they’re fabulous.

- Australian gossip rag Famous alleges that a UK newspaper is investigating stories from three WAGabees who are claiming to have hooked up with David Beckham. Meep!

- Fernando Torres brought baby Nora to Paza del Monasterio de Aciveiro for her christening. Wife Olalla brought some bad-arse Louboutins and an excellent bitchface.

- Cheryl Cole rolled up in Cannes for the Outside of the Law premiere and looked fantabulous in her white Versace bandage dress. Rumours (aka completely fabricated for reasons we don’t care enough to figure out) continue to swirl about Chezza and Will.i.am being an item.

- Christine Bleakley went to the British Academy Television Craft Awards. Nope, we’ve no idea either. What do you think of her “high fash” dress?

- Like we didn’t already know Sammy Eto’o is ballin’, big boy style. He’s just bought a 10,000+sq ft, €17 million house in Milan’s absolutely-most-exclusive-designer-shopping-on-your-doorstep neighbourhood.