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Stuart Holden: Kickette Covert Operative (In Training)


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Filmed prior to USA vs. England WC 2010.

From one point of view, Stuart Holden’s work in exposing teammate Jay De Merit’s alarming choice in shower songs is faultless. He operates with stealth, a nod to the impropriety of his actions. Once busted, he neatly defuses the situation with a little light harmonising.

But Stuart, we have an issue: at one point in this film, you are standing within feet of a naked, moist footballer. Yet at no point does it occur to you to drop the lens and let us see what lies beneath.

You on a covert mission under the auspices of Kickette and you fail to capture the Holy Grail of Stalking when it’s handed to you through a steamy glass plate window?!

Baby, Baby, Baby, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Presidential PDA: Shakira & Barack Obama


Image: RevistaQuem.Globo.com.

We thought Gerard Pique was the only one vulnerable to Shak’s displays of affection, but no. If the Prez is fair game, we’re all at risk. Run, Kickettes, run for your lives!

Unless you like that kind thing, of course. In which case, form an orderly queue and remember to pucker up.

QOTD: Summing Up The United States’ Olympic Sadness


Freddy Adu leaves the field after his U-23 squad failed to qualify for this summer’s Olympic Games in London. Image: REUTERS/Harrison McClary.

“I’m still in complete and utter shock,” said US head coach Caleb Porter, looking like a coach who just shed every tear he had to shed. “It was the last second. Seconds. Seconds away.”

— words by Ives Galarcep, FOXSoccer.com senior writer & Soccer By Ives editor.

When a journo summarises a team’s loss by recounting the quantity of tears its manager shed, one may believe said team (once deemed frontrunners in the race to secure an Olympic footie berth) have hit rock bottom.

To all the Kickettes tracking the U.S. squad’s qualification journey, how you holding up after last night’s tug-of-war-and-score finale? Is it too early for us to send the manservants around with gratuitous bonbon refills?

Brek Shea: New Season, New Hair


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One or two (no, we’re lying, it’s just one) of us are harbouring a crush-ette on Brek Shea from FC Dallas. And, the shrieking coming from her corner of the nap room as we watched this vid of Brekky getting a purple mohawk appendage added to his blond ‘do suggests it’s only going to get worse from here.

Despite her worrying reactions, Shea does take his shirt at the 3:37 mark, so we’ll give them both that.

Rangers FC: Rights Or Responsibilities?


Scarper while you still can or hang in there and hope for the best? Ally McCoist and his boys have some tough decisions to make. Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.

It’s crunch time at SPL club Rangers FC, Kickettes. The future of the club depends on the outcome of protracted negotiations between players and joint administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, who must cut costs.

If the players do not accept the structured pay cuts” offered by Whitehouse and Clark, substantial  redundancies would follow across the whole staff, which could leave Rangers unable to fulfill this season’s fixture schedule.