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Movie Titles To Describe Your Sex Life: Too Much Information?


When we’re not watching the footie, we love nothing better than kicking back with an industrial sized bucket of popcorn and criticising the hell out of the latest offerings from Hollywood. We were therefore thrilled when a “Movie Titles To Describe Your Sex Life” thread broke out on Twitter yesterday. So thrilled, in fact, that we immediately hi-jacked it and put a few of our favourite ‘ballers on the spot.


Dan Borislow: “Destroyer Of Hopes & Dreams”


Image via wikipedia

In the wake of the news that the WPS has been suspended for the 2012 season, former majicJack and current USWNT striker Ella Masar has offered her take on the situation via her personal blog.

The current (at the time of writing) Wikipedia entry for Dan Borislow, the majicJack franchise owner, should give you a heads up as to where the blame is believed to lie in this little saga.

USWNT: Hushing The Haterz


Sydney Leroux (r) and Alex Morgan celebrate one of Leroux’s five (!) second half goals. Image: AP Photo/The Canadian Press.

Hearty congrats to the USWNT who are currently storming their way through the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying tournament with so much ease that they’re actually attracting criticism.

Commentators noted that the matches vs. Guatemala and the Dominican Republic that finished 13-0 and 14-0, respectively, have lacked suspense – an allegation that striker Abby Wambach refutes.

Wambach, who scored two of the goals vs. Guatemala said,”We understand that 14-, 13-goal games can be looked down upon by some of our viewers, our fans, by fans of other countries, but the truth is we didn’t get our job done the last qualifying tournament, and this is a statement that we’re making to the rest of the world.

So there.

Good Week/Bad Week: Yoga Poses & Eye Problems


Peace out until Monday, Kickettes. Image: The Telegraph.

Xavi appeared in his panties after El Clasico.

We’re sure some other stuff happened too, but nothing else was as important or fascinating as that.


USMNT: Table Tennis Time Out


When we made the bold step of coming forward to #AskBrek which national team-mate of his has the best abdominal muscles, all we heard was *crickets*.

Now we know why.

Silly boys with their silly toys. They should stop horsing around and let us see and/or touch their six-packs so we can move on from this matter once and for all.