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Doppelgänger Dudes: Landon Donovan & Some Chanel Model


Presenting Landon Donovan and a random Chanel model, who could quite easily star alongside one another in a remake of the Disney movie where twins switch places, ‘Freaky Friday.’

Only theirs would be called, ‘Freaky, Fraternal-Twins-Separated-At-Birth-Holy-Cow-They-Look-So-Much-Alike-We-Can’t-Get-Over-It Friday.’

Too long of a title?


Cheers to @DanielleLlanes for the spot. Images via Getty and Tumblr.


Clint Dempsey: Pucker Up, Pretty Boy


Clint Dempsey scored the only goal in Fulham’s 1-0 victory over Liverpool at Craven Cottage last night, breaking Brian McBride’s record to become the top American scorer in EPL history. His former club, New England Revolution, tweeted their congratulations to the USMNT player after the goal, which takes his EPL tally to 37.

For the statisticians among you, Deuce is also the only American player to score against Liverpool. Awestruck by this amazing feat, UN peace envoy-in-waiting Craig Bellamy was on the scene to offer his hearty congratulations and clearly couldn’t wait to do so.

Pucker up, Clinty-boy. We’re on our way to do the same.

Good Week/Bad Week: From Cleansing To Corrupted


Juan Mata’s seen** Ronaldinho’s video. Have you? **Actually, Juan was at the ATP Tour Finals at the O2 Arena, but this is the expression we pulled before falling to our knees when we saw the infamous vid. It seemed fitting. Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images.

The week started as a soap opera, segued gently through fantasy into fashion commentary before coming to rest in Xabi Alonso’s shorts. Unfortunately, it’s gonna finish on an horrific note – first visual, then emotional.

Sorry Kickettes. We only spread the gossip – we don’t have control over the content.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Barcelona thursday thigh off

Image: Twitter.

We can’t deny – we were quite the lushes this weekend.

With our gluttony on a roll, we give you Carles Puyol’s thigh(s). This may or may not resemble your brain on drugs, but just go with it. It’s the best we can offer you at this time.


- The Mirror tried to get cute with an infographic of their own but nothing will beat the original.

- We read Samuel Eto’o's words as ‘wealthy’ instead of ‘healthy’. But that probably says more about us than him.

- David De Gea breaks with Spanish NT traditions and reveals he has decent music taste.


Good Week/Bad Week: Driving With Undue Hair & Some Tension


Robbie Rogers. A little too much garment-age for our liking, but we’re working on it. Image via kckrs.com.

We love writing for you guys. It doesn’t matter whether we’re waffling on about racism in football, Fabio Capello’s surprisingly attractive ab situ or certain people’s unmentionable hair, you always have something to contribute.

Cheers to the weekend (and to you gals and guys)!