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Kickette Interview: Brandi Chastain On Winning The World Cup, Posing Nude & That Goal Celebration


Images:  usaworldcupblog, Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America, Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment.

Offer us a male footballer to interview and we’re firing off facetious questions like shots at a free bar. Confront us with a world cup winning, gold medal wearing female football icon though, and the Kickette office is suddenly filled with muttering and the soft pops of hip flask lids being opened.

Be realistic, we thought. We can’t ask former USWNT midfielder Brandi Chastain whether she wears silk pyjamas or who gives the best celebratory hugs. Well, we could, but it seemed wrong somehow.

So, the truth is, Kickettes, we panicked. We stared for days at her book, It’s Not About The Bra – a reference to her famous goal celebration – hoping that inspiration would strike. Obviously, it didn’t.

Speaking with Brandi last week on behalf of the Capital One Cup*, we think she did brilliantly anyway.


Pepsi Max Pose Off: Carlos Bocanegra vs. Jozy Altidore & Maurice Edu



We’re aware that Clint Dempsey was there too, but we omitted him from the comp because his bedroom eyes weren’t staring straight at us. Or the camera. Either way. Oh and, soz about the quality of pics. We figured you could all get past it for the sake of our opinion sourcing post. Image Credit: Twitter & Tumblr.

Today’s USMNT carbonated beverage pose off is a battle between brawn and bromance. At left, we have Carlos Bocanegra looking as American as a cherry tree just before it’s picked and processed into pie. And those arms? Strong enough to carry five grannies in each across the street. His silent but deadly stance has even inspired us to start recycling next year. Go us.

Jozy Altidore and Maurice Edu are playing the devil’s advocates to Boca’s camera lighting heavenly halo in their still frame on the right, which we have mixed feelings about. Jozy is clearly a contemplative thinker type, and we’re wondering what he’s thinking about or if it’s us. Edu, on the other hand, blatantly isn’t. He’s actually quite unapologetic in his hot playa position, which we’re not totally hatin’. However, if their objective was to tag team that photographer’s lens in naked unison, then we’re hard pressed to find any angles that illustrate their spoils of victory.

Is Carlos winning your vote with his ‘less is more’ attitude, or is it double your pleasure, fun and pimp juice with Jozy and Maurice for you?

Charlie Davies: Legal Entanglements


Image: Jeff Golden/Getty Images.

It has been reported that D.C. United striker Charlie Davies is suing the owner of the nightclub for serving alcohol to a woman who then went on to cause the accident that almost ended his career.


Weekend Results: In-Flight Entertainment


Hot footballers international duty UEFA Euro 2012

Friday night international fixtures: sorry, but seriously? There are certain things in life that are sacred, and our freedom to plan our entire lives around the period of self-inflicted oblivion that occurs between the hours of 4pm Friday to about 3am on a Saturday morning is one of them.

Have some respect, FIFA or UEFA or whoeverthehell is in charge. The wrath of woman (post-intoxication) is not something you are equipped to mess with.


Good Week/Bad Week: Good Deeds & Grandads


Only one person in this photo has a fully functioning set of knees. Can you guess which one? Image via twitter.

Whether it’s signing petitions in aid of animals or thinking about spending more time with the oldies, this edition of Good Week/Bad Week is packed to the rafters with inspiring ideas.

Even the Carlos Tevez story. Although to be fair, all that saga inspires us to do is stop reading the newspapers.