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Good Week/Bad Week: In N’ Out


Are there any other Kickettes (besides us) out there who will be partaking in Friday’s ritual end-of-week drinking this evening under the disguise of a light dinner?

If so: you rock.

Until Monday everyone!


Dance Solo: USWNT goalkeeper, Hope Sol0, will be appearing in the latest series of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, it was revealed this week. She will be partnered with the show’s resident hottie, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who, by the by, refers to himself as ‘sex on a stick’. According to HoSo, Maks will be doing most of the work this season since she has ‘no dancing ability’.

PS – Hope will be one of the nude athletes featured in the next edition of ESPN The Body Issue.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


First spotted on The Offside Rules.


- Speaking from experience, there’s nothing special about Modelo Especial. Except for Clint Dempsey’s cut-short cameo in the above advert. You can try your virtual luck against the Fulham/USMNT player too.

- Swansea’s Alan Tate broke his leg in a freak golf buggy accident. He’ll be out for 6 months, but the jokes at his expense will probably linger for longer.

- Pato and Barbara B (time for us to start calling her Babs for short for lazy reasons) were barely recognised on holiday in Bali recently. It wasn’t until a young fan asked for the AC Milan ‘baller autograph that folks took notice. The couple was described as ‘in love’ and ‘very humble’ people, per the hotel staffers that spoke to Novalla 2000.

- Sporting KC’s Soony Saad showed off his Rubix Cube skillz for the YouTube crowd.


Transfer Totty: Carlos Bocanegra Signs For Rangers FC


Image taken 10 July 2011 during batting practice for the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

After a few years in France, Boca the beefcake is returning to Britain. Can we get a ‘hellz yeah?!’

In a three year deal that sees him leaving Ligue 1′s St Etienne for the 2011 Scottish Premier League champion side, Rangers FC…yada, yada, yada. We’re positive there’s more details to share, but we can’t be arsed right now to do so.

See, often times when writing these stories for our loyal Kickette Army soldiers and soldierettes, we face a dilemma. Should we use our brains to give you witty commentary ? Or rely on our overactive sex drives to say what you’re all really thinking. Problem is, though, we never have enough blood to run both at once.

So instead of finishing off this post, won’t you join us in jumpy claps, Kickettes?


You Ogle, We Oblige: Juan Agudelo, New York Red Bulls


Juan Agudelo has proved to be a point of interest for Kickette readers recently. Image: Getty Images/Zimbio

Welcome to an exciting new feature on Kickette, in which we avail our wider readership of a delectable lump of man meat they may have missed, but who has been the subject of debate in the comments section recently. This works for us, as instead of having to actually look for real stories, we just trawl the comments for likely candidates.

So we’ll probably make it regular.

Of course, Juan Agudelo has appeared on our pages before – when he very kindly removed his shirt during a USMNT game – but basically we forgot about him until you lot started waffling about him yesterday. And we found this picture of his tent from the game vs. FC Dallas.

Well, hello there, Juan…

Landon Donovan: Do You Miss Him?


No, you’re not having ice cream with sprinkles until after the game. M’kay? Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Kickettes? It has become evident in recent weeks that we are not paying enough attention to Landon Donovan. The LA Galaxy and USMNT midfielder tends to be overshadowed by his prettier and taller (see above) team mates and in lieu of having anything newsworthy to write about, we have decided that we must immediately conduct an investigation into Landon’s recent activities to find out whether we’ve missed anything particularly manly or interesting.

Please. Join us.