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Alex Morgan & Hope Solo: Maxed Out


Image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images North America.

Since we’re still on a high from the phenomenal Women’s World Cup final, we’ve got a few more tidbits on the USWNT to share with our lovely readership:

- Alex Morgan and Hope Solo attended the premiere of season eight of Entourage in NYC last night and looked gorgeous while doing so. We lurve their maxi dresses; you can pick up Alex’s Parker dress here or Hope’s tie dyed Sky dress here. They’re sporty and stylish!

- Also last night, Hope – who has since been declared a hottie by Google association – donned a different maxi dress during her appearance with Abby Wambach on David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’. While there she dished on Donovan, Landon Donovan, who later vowed on Twitter to dispose of her secret dirt when the time/opportunity is ripe.

- Lastly, our congratulations to both Wambach and Solo, who were awarded the Silver and Bronze Balls as the 2nd & 3rd MVPs in this year’s global tournament.

Now back to our regularly scheduled abs and thighs!

Weekend Results: Loud, Quiet, Loud


Uh-may-zing. The Japanese WNT win the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Image: Getty Images/Daylife

Thank heavens for the WWC. For the players’ obvious joy at simply being there. For the quality of the football, which has surpassed expectation over and over again. For the competitiveness and work ethic of each side, that made each fixture thrilling and unpredictable. For episodes of gamesmanship, diving, arguing and bitching from the players being so few and far between that when they did occur, we could simply dismiss them as the exception that proves the rule.

It’s reminded us why we love this darn game so much in the first place. You?


Good Week/Bad Week: Veggies & Vehicular Violence


If all else fails, Cristiano can always be relied upon to provide us with a much needed boost in the morning. Image: PacificCoastNews.com/Zimbio

How come the weekend seems further away than ever on a Friday morning? Allow us to divert your attention from the responsibilities of being a grown-up for a few minutes with a some perky stories from the past week.


Midweek Results: Final Line-Ups, Lionel Fines Up


Yeah, it’s Abby Wambach. Were you expecting someone else? Image: Scott Heavey/Getty Images/Daylife

Usually we write something amusing here. Lately, our purple prose preamble has been little more than a device to divert your attention from the fact that the Women’s World Cup and Copa America haven’t kept us to the level of excitement we demand here. Now they have.

Proceed unmolested.


Abby Wambach: Succinct Shilling


YouTube Preview Image

ESPN SportsCenter advertising their Women’s World Cup coverage with the assistance of USWNT striker Abby Wambach. Presented without comment. Bwahahahahaha! via ESPN