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Budweiser Besties: Bill Clinton and Carlos Bocanegra


Image via Facebook.

The only thing better than having your photo taken with former U.S. President, Bill Clinton? Having a brewski break with the former world leader.

Carlos Bocanegra, 1.
Edson Buddle, 0.


Random factoid: Boca is listed as an “actor” in the credits of this Funny Or Die 1goal montage video. He appears alongside fellow “actors” Shakira, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Quinton Fortune and Franz Beckenbauer.

Landon Donovan: Next Round, Please


Don’t worry about Landon’s game face, he’s working on it.

If you are reading this post without the aid of an IV or hired help, we are impressed. First a gripping England v Slovenia game, and at the same time (so cruel, schedulers) watching a last-minute goal by Landon Donovan against Algeria to take the USA through to the next round of 16?

Kickette HQ is concerned there won’t be enough Jaffa Cakes to manage the stress eating.

Deep breaths, and deep glasses of champagne to all our England and American readers! What did you think of the way the games played out?

Midday Health Check with Carlos Bocanegra, USMNT


Carlos bocanegra

Is it just us or have today’s games unofficially heralded the real start of the World Cup?

Before we hit the pub to watch the Three Lions’ tongues take on Algeria, we wanted to call a pulse/heart rate/blood pressure checkĀ  for all of our U.S. and German Kickettes.

If you’re still breathing, then consider today a success.

Skin For The Win: The USMNT’s World Cup Shoot For Interview Magazine


USA captain, Carlos Bocanegra. Photo copyright Robbie Fimmano/Interview Magazine.

Don’t let anyone say that the USMNT don’t think they can take it all the way this World Cup, Kickettes.

Skin for the win, indeed.

Need more words with your “like, whoa” this morning? Take it away Carlos: “My favorite period is the Roman times. Just real rugged and manly men. You know, ripping meat apart with their teeth.”

Yeah, we’ve no idea what the hell he’s on about, but doesn’t really matter, does it?

If you’re still able to read/sit up/function we recommend clicking over to Interview Magazine to see more.

[via ONTD Football]

The Real Winner: David Beckham’s Bitchface


Image via Reuters

T’was the bitchface heard round the world; your play, David Villa.