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Frankie Sandford: Survival Of The Stag Do Fittest


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Respect to The Sats singer for being the last female standing at this American stag party (in other words, for bumping into these men celebrating their mates’ last hurrah at a lobster shack in L.A. and politely agreeing to take a picture with them). Image: Frankie’s Twitter.

How To Get The WAG Look: Class Is Now In Session


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Image: E4.com. First spotted via The Sun.

Stuck for a water cooler discussion topic this morn?

Why not this one: West Cheshire College is now accepting applications for a new one-of-a-kind class, “How to Get the WAG Look.” Curriculum-wise, the £50 two day programme promises insider tips and tricks for achieving Abbey, Alex and or Coleen’s same “glamourous look elegantly”. With some help from fake eyelashes, clip-on hair extensions (curlers not included) and smudge-proof warpaint, girls will finally be able to shake what their doctors gave them with celeb-inspired confidence.

As if the UK wasn’t already going to hell in a hand basket.

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Jazz hands at the ready y’all – it’s humpday and we’re wildly hungover!


Kai Rooney: Mummy’s Little Helper


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Images via Reveal.co.uk.

Apparently Coleen Rooney is delegating menial tasks like carrying her shopping bags to little Kai. This choice serves the dual purpose of teaching the kid responsibility and avoiding manual labour at all costs.

Sara Carbonero & Irina Shayk: Is There About To Be A WAG Fight?


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It’s not everyday that we hear of a war brewing in WAG world, so if this baseless rumour about the mutually frosty relations between Sara and Irina turns out to be true, it will be all of our Christmases, New Years and Hen nights rolled into one. Think 100 calorie buttered popcorn, pink boxing gloves, and a Cricket gift-cert for five lucky souls sitting ringside.

What? We have to find some way to keep ourselves amused until Champions League drinking time.