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couch potato links: WAGs boutique

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  Hey, so we thought the first episode of the WAGs Boutique was a little sucky, but what did we expect? Only one of these gals has even been to Baden Baden, the true measure of a WAG if ever there was one. TV producers: we need a little A-List up in hee-ure. Shoot, we’d settle for a fly by from Abi Clancy at this point.

Apparently, Cassie Sumner, a WAG on the Better Half squad isn’t actually dating Michael Essien (Chelsea). Or she was, and he got so ashamed he’s now denying any knowledge of her. Either way, it’s not good for the show. Link: A Wag or Not A Wag

Learn more about Cassie and her fabulous real/fake life as a WAG. Link: Cassie Sumner profile.

Since this is turning into a Cassie S heavy post, let’s continue. She first hit the headlines in 2004, after being seen having a drink with Prince Harry at Chinawhite. She later told all to the tabloids about their “intimate” moments. Oh, and she sort of used to be an escort. Eep.
Link: Harry’s Kiss With Cassie

Promo clip for WAGs Boutique on You Tube.

Next week we’ve got a boutique catfight on our hands as Cassie tells Michaela Henderson-Tynne to talk to the hand. Literally. Link: WAGs Get Their Claws Out For The Cameras

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WAG watch: buh bye Dani

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Danielle Lloyd, it sucks to be you right now, girlfriend.

It’s reported that after the wrap party for the fiasco that was Celebrity Big Brother, Danielle collapsed. Was this because of the booze? Her brain’s inability to walk, breathe and hurl insults at the same time? Was it the booze?

We’re going for all of the above.

But one of Danielle’s friends says, nuh-uh. Dani girl went down because “she was overwhelmed by all the photographers outside.“

But let us not mock the young, cute and dumb. For too much longer.

Reports also say that Danielle was telling the other party guests that her and Teddy are still involved.

Meanwhile, Teddy is hangin’ at the Funky Buddha with his boys (can you still have “boys” if you’re 40?) trying to hit on a cute brunette and nibbling on her neck. He was also buying

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WTF files: VB bans size zero models

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Those of you with real lives may have missed the recent debate taking place in the world of fashion over super skinny runway models. Several designers and people in the biz have called for an outright ban to try and bring a halt to the unrealistic images portrayed to women by a model who weighs the same as a bread stick.

Madrid fashion week was the first to place a ban on the super slim, although we sure don’t remember seeing any big fatties hitting the catwalk afterwards, but it’s the well-publicized thought that counts, right? Weight requirements, for those interested in such things? Models that are 5’8” must weigh at least 8.6 stone (123 pounds).

But let us get to the point.

Victoria Beckham, she of the soccer ball waist, has reportedly banned size zero models from promoting her fashion label. A source was quoted in the Sun UK, as saying, “Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don’t have to be ultra skinny to look good. Many of the models on the catwalk make young girls feel insecure about their own bodies.“

She does realise this would mean she wouldn’t actually hire herself for this gig, right? Rumours are that Daniella Sarahyba, a “curvy” Brazilian model, has been chosen by Mrs B to best represent the “realness”.

Link: No Size Zero Models To Model For Victoria Beckham
Link: The Skinny on Fashion Week

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Wedding Bells: Steven & Alex

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Forget those nasty rumours and tales of ick circulating around the netherworlds ladies, it looks like the Steven Gerrard/Alex Curran love train is still on the tracks.

We know, we know, it was beginning to look like these two were content with being lifers on the “engagement” list, but yesterday they made an official announcement: they’ll be getting married on June 16.

As is required, a magazine deal for

exiting the club: Gemma Atkinson

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Ooookay… so it’s looking like the Gemma Atkinson/Cristiano Ronaldo love-fest is over.


We’re quite sure Ms. Atkinson was very proudly bragging about this conquest in the not-so-distant past of two minutes ago, when we welcomed her to the WAG club.

At a party at Manchester’s Cotton House Club late last week, Gemma hooked up with Mark Furze, a former Australian soap star. They were seen doing some tonsil hockey in the back of a cab on the way home.

If you’re a prude you may not want to read the next bit: he had his hand on her bottom.


The same night as the bottom-touching events in question, Cristiano was hanging out at the Kylie Minogue concert. We could say something about that, but we’re going to stay focussed on Gemma for the moment.

We’re all for women asserting their rights to be “social”, but if you’ve got a stiletto in the door at Club Cristiano, why on earth would you go to any other building?

Ciao Gemma, we barely knew ye. Don’t let the door hit your skanky ass on the way out.

Link: Love A Furze

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