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WAG watch: Cheryl Cole

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photo: keystone

Trucker hat that hasn’t been in style since 1998: check.

Wait – trucker hat with gold lame/camo swirl detailing that was never in style: check.

Louis V bag: check.

Requisite skinny jeans with small machine-made rip for hip, street factor: check.

Candy cane striped socks that have nothing to do with this outfit, or any outfit anyone in the entire free world owns: check.

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WAG reality


Oh, snap. The WAG reality tv show isn’t doing very well.

The ITV program, called “WAGs Boutique” (zzz) is struggling to replace several of the higher profile gals who have pulled out.

Alex Curran, Elen Rives, Carly Zucker and Abbey Clancy have all nixed the show after previously agreeing to do it. People, it’s a WAG-boycott. Take cover and run for better quality programming.

The show – due to be aired next spring in the UK – puts the girls in a clothing boutique and they compete to see who can sell the most. The winner gets to launch her own fashion line.

Hey, wake up – we’re not done yet.

The girls that are now going to be taking part include Charlotte Meares (gf to Jermain Defoe), Jadene Bircham, QPR’s Marc Bircham’s wife, Heather Swan (of Michael Chopra fame), and Michaela Henderson-Thynne (Stewart Downing’s missus, pictured above.

Other class acts on board are glamour model Cassie Summer (Michael Essien’s babe) and Nicola Tappenden, who is a page 3 model and her boyfriend, Bobby Zamora of West Ham has a 6 ft wide photo of her breasts installed in their bedroom.

Link: Football WAGs Seek Fame

Melanie Slade: Will Strip Down For Arena


Why do we bother to put up posts about young, cute and (somewhat) innocent people we like. You know, like Melanie Slade.

We’ve just learned she’s decided to put it out there in an Arena magazine photo shoot – she’ll be on the cover. We’ve not seen the photos yet, but it’s looking somewhat likely she’ll be shedding that shy, sweet image we loved.

fantasy abbey

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Her fly may be down and her shirt half tucked in, but Abbey C has just been named as the number one woman in a fantasy poll.  As in, “who do you fantasize about when making love to your partner” poll.

First of all, wtf is up with this retarded poll?

And do you notice that after reading the word “poll” three times, it starts to look a little weird?

So, Abbey was named the top fantasy girl, followed by Cheryl Cole in the second place spot.

We’d like to see the dudes they interviewed for this thing. Actually, on second thought, maybe not so much.

Link: Cowell is Girls Sex Swap Idol

WAG watch: VB does LA, etc

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Victoria has been house hunting in LA and all french manicured fingers look like they’re pointing at a move to Cali for the Beckhams. Could David really be ready to let go of his (sputtering) career? He’s apparently told his boss at Real Madrid he’s willing to play any position just to get out on the pitch.

We can think of a few positions for him to play. (ba-dum, dum)

But really, whether David does go to play for the LA Galaxy or not, the shine is wearing off of his golden balls. Wow, we never thought we’d say that.

So, back to Victoria. While in LA she also went shopping at Kitson (West Hollywood’s much loved department store), had lunch with Katie (at the Sunset Marquis hotel), and wore a librarian outfit that we hated.

However, she did look absolutely banging when shopping at Marc Jacobs – redeeming the style points completely lost over her previous fashion faux.

Peep toe Louboutins? *sigh* VB, you have stolen our (imagined) life. And for this, we love/hate you.

* UPDATE Victoria B is in LA to do a “top secret” photo shoot for a big magazine (Vanity Fair??) Could work very nicely as part of the US reveal when she and David make their announcement… Y’all are reading her blog, right?*

Link: Victoria Beckham’s US House Hunt

Audrey Hepburn’s black cocktail dress from classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s was sold at auction for