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WAG watch: Daria Zhukova

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It’s nice when true love stands the test of time, ain’t it?

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and bit-on-the-side Daria Zhukova are splitsville.

Russian newspapers are reporting that “Dasha” has been crying to her friends and telling them that her glory days as Mistress To All That Is Filthy Stinking Rich are over.

It will be interesting to see if wife Irina will back off with her alleged divorce plans – Roms is denying the claims that she’s been visiting lawyers.

We’re much more interested in placing bets on who socialite Dasha ends up with next. Our money is on someone rich.

Or old and rich.

But definitely rich.

We mentioned the richness, yes?

toasty V

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Victoria and toast.


We know she doesn’t eat carbs, so artist Lennie Payne’s ode to her in Marmite and wheat is surely sacrilege.

Link: Victoria On Toast

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WAG watch: Cricket, Liverpool


The WAGs were out in full force for the Cricket boutique fashion show, held at the glamorous Liverpool Town Hall. Milan ain’t got nothing on the LTH, trust us.

Cricket is a serious WAG staple shop where the Northern gals get all their designer shopping on. Abbey Clancy and Sophie Anderton even did some catwalk modelling on the night.

Representing for those who know how to spend their man’s money: Sheree Murphy, Alex Curran, Kelly Ellison, Coleen McLoughlin

Sheree: Why are the girls acting as if they don’t know me? Is it because I’m dressed in a gigantic deflated onion skin? Maybe it’s because I’ve got this bottle of water…

Alex: Why the F does Sheree have a bottle of water? Does it look like we’re at the goddamn gym? I hope the photogs crop her out of these photos. I’m the star here.

Coleen: Oof, I’m drunk.

Alex: I’m the best looking one in here, why does that skank Abbey get to do the catwalk? Why didn’t they ask me? Is it because my hands are a different colour than my face? No, that couldn’t be it, I’m fabulous.

Kelly: Do I look old? I look old, dunn I?

Coleen: *sigh* I miss Wayne.

Kelly: Everyone is so young and pretty. I need more eye makeup.

Alex: Do you think it’s easy to look like a sexy robotic 1950s hooker/housewife in a dress made of tinsel? Do you? Why does no one ever listen to me?

Coleen: *sigh* I love gum.

Alex: Is there any alcohol in this drink?

Sheree: It’s because I have a job. That’s why they don’t like me. And for your information, Alex, I could drink you under the table, sweetheart.

Kelly: Everyone else is with a footballer. My man is Steven G’s part-time bodyguard. How wank is that? I really blew it. I know Alex is my best friend and all, but sometimes I fantasize about putting Nair in her shampoo bottle.

Beck Talk: Sir David

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David isn’t happy.

And when he’s not happy, we’re not happy.

When anyone messes with Mr. B’s psyche, we feel the need to do some serious Manolo Blahnik-footed ass kicking. We do love David so. His message to Real Madrid – I’m sad. And also, get my superfine fabu hairstyled behind off the bench, damn it.

Why do we love David so? This photo says it all: the sneer. It’s really all about the sneer. And the hair. That’s it, really. We don’t ask for much. Use some hair products and look grouchy and we’re good to go.

Link: Beckham Finds Lack Of Play A Real Pain
Link: My Misery in Madrid

The Beckhams’ former bodyguard has been killed in Iraq.
Link: Bodyguard Killed

It looks like the underlings will finally have to address Mrs. B the way she has always wanted. She’s about to become “Lady Beckham.“

The rumour mill is in high gear with anticipation of David Beckham becoming Knighted. Before Prime Minister Tony Blair steps down, he has to submit his 2007 honours list, and Mr. Blair loves him some celebrity ballers.

Vicky, honey, it’s been a long journey from singing (okay, miming) “Spice Up Your Life” to becoming a Lady, and we give you full props, gal.

More importantly, for those of you with a vivid fantasy life, consider this: David will be a “Knight of the Realm”; you can call him “Sir David”. Just imagine the fun you could have with a chain metal vest and one of those jousting sticks.

Link: Beckham Set To Become A Knight?

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Meet Mrs B: London


For those of you in the UK, Vicky B will be at Selfridges on 30 October to sign copies of her new book, That Extra Half An Inch.

You can see her up close, in the flesh. She might even let you touch one of her diamonds.

Oh, please, who are we kidding.

It’s sure to be an event full of WAG wannabes, teeny boppers and nosey shoppers; you can count on Victoria to pout for the camera until the last dregs of the autograph seekers have left the building.