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what a difference…


… a shave makes.

Our first Gorge-Watch nominee, Noemie Lenoir has had a serious buzz cut for a film role in Rush Hour 3.

Our advice: if you’re not likely to get an Oscar nomination for the film or a diamond the size of a football for winning the “I dare you to shave your head” challenge, put the razor down.

We repeat, put the razor down and step away from the scissors.

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone. As we’ve mentioned before, we take all possible public holidays off, and this is no exception. Don’t think Canadian Thanksgiving qualifies? We’re sure he-of-the-sometime-attractive Owen Hargreaves would disagree. He’s kinda Canadian, right?

One thing, though: thanks to the wonders of Blogger, our long list of links and witty repartee freshly prepared for Thanksgiving Day was deleted without warning/thrown out into cyberspace/etc and we sure as heck aren’t writing them again when we could spend that time pouting and trying to figure out how to use WordPress.


Photo Call: Abi Caterpillar

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Abi Clancy at the Pink Magazine launch, accompanied by two bizarre black eyebrows.

Wait – she’s not a natural blonde?

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photo friday: victoria beckham


- Hanging out in Paris with Katie Holmes on a “kid free” girly day shopping. Is it just us, or is this friendship more disturbing than seeing a WAG with a job?

image: abacausa

- In Australian Harpers Bazaar.

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Jamelia: Respect the WAG Hierarchy


jaThere’s a battle raging in WAG world, and someone’s going to lose a French manicured falsie in the fight.

UK pop-R&B-zzz singer Jamelia has publicly been airing her views on footballers’ wives for some time. First she harped on about having her own career and not needing her man to fulfill her (she’s shacked up with Millwall’s Darren Byfield). Then she went on about WAGs being “leeches” and singled out Alex Curran, baby-mama and fiancée to Steven Gerrard, with a vicious verbal attack saying Alex only ate three grapes a day or something, we don’t know, we fell asleep whilst reading the report.

“Footballers’ wives are people who are like leeches, feeding off their partner’s success,” J said. “I didn’t seek out Darren because he’s a footballer. I have my own career, my own life, and without Darren I’d still be Jamelia. God forbid if Alex Curran split up with Steve Gerrard. Who would she be then?”

Alex has retaliated with some choice words in this week’s OK! Magazine:

“I couldn’t believe it. I have never met her but she accused me of getting by on three grapes a day, suggesting I’m anorexic or something. It’s because I’m engaged to one of the most famous footballers in the country. I can’t help that. She’ll be glad to know I don’t know her boyfriend’s name but Steven thinks he’s lower than a non-league football player.”


We hear Jamelia is taking off her earrings and pulling her hair back into a ponytail in preparation for the next round. But why bother, girl? When it comes to the footy hierarchy, accept your lowly placing and hope your children will upgrade with a Premier Leaguer next time around.

Link: WAGs Anger Over Jamelia Jibe