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Louise Redknapp: Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup

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There’s something about Louise Redknapp that’s infinitely likeable.  She’s somehow avoided the dreaded WAG look of orange st. tropez skin, lifestyle of excess and star-chasing mentality. She’s so lovable, and is never seen out looking tacky or blinging it up like an idiot.  Her and cutie hubby Jamie seem genuinely happy and truly in love… it’s enough to make us believe in rainbows and moonbeams and fluffy white kitties.

For about ten minutes.

player hating


What is going on with the fantastic Mr. B? he’s always been a hottie, but during the world cup and afters, he has become so super-foine we are questioning his status as a mere mortal.

We all know the rules: don’t hate the player, hate the game. But in this instance, Kickette is hating on Victoria B real hard.

The Beckhams are currently enjoying a vacation around Spain, Italy and the South of France, cruising it up in style on Roberto Cavalli’s £20 million yacht. There’s a reason to hate right there, but we’ll leave that alone.

Reportedly, they are also trying “insanely hard” for a fourth child. Said to be desperate for a girl to complete their family (Brooklyn, seven, Romeo three, and Cruz, one), David and Victoria have been making out like newlyweds on vacation – not caring who is watching (ie, the Paparazzi, whom Victoria seems well aware of in these pics).

Becks has told his pals they’re trying “non-stop” for a baby.

Feeling the hate yet?

the wisdom of mrs vb


On skinny jeans: “The problem with skinny jeans is if you wear them with flat shoes, like flip-flops or trainers, you end up looking like a golf club.“

On knickers and lingerie: “I hate those silly lacy bras with all those bits poking out beneath your top. You end up looking like you have four breasts.“

On wearing wedge heels: “Some wedges are great but you can look like your feet are encased in cement.“

More from her new book, “That Extra Half an Inch” when it hits the shops in the fall.

Ashley Cole: Pre-Wedding Drama

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Ashley Cole and Cheryl Tweedy are set to marry this weekend, but it’s not just the dozens of WAG wannabes and D-list celebs who didn’t get an invite.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been snubbed – and people are saying it will be the final nail in the coffin for Ashley’s strained relationship with the club.

More importantly, guests invited so far include his teammates Sol Campbell, Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

Cheryl has her own bit of drama to worry about – the press are all over her about the possible split between her band, Girls Aloud, and she’s getting stick over her huge £1 million magazine deal with OK! (that a year ago she said she would never do), and her lavish wedding at Highclere Castle. Cheryl also wants her wedding guests to sign an agreement saying they won’t take any photos of all the celebs at the ceremony.