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Daddy’s Girl: Isabella Kakà


Isabella Kaka  turns 6months old

Kakà, proud papa that he is, posted this adorable photo of his baby girl Isabella who celebrated her half-birthday (6 months) last week. Too. Much. Baby. Cuteness. Image via Kakà’s Facebook.

Pitter Patter: Claudio & Roberta Marchisio Expecting Baby Number Two


Roberta, Claudio and their first born, Davide, at his birthday party in early October. H/T: Calcio Nel Cuore.

Attention all bound-to-be-gorgeous ‘baller baby watchers: Claudio Marchisio is bringing another offspring into the world.

So about Mr Marchisio…he’s hot. Same goes for his piercing, ‘come hither to my boudoir’ blue eyes, which he’s worked for the likes of GQ and Dolce & Gabbana. These are his thighs, magnified. His wife, Roberta, probably had the pleasure of stroking them once or twice during their second crack at the procreation process. The couple already shares a son, Davide, who may or may not have turned 20-years-old recently despite his diminutive stature.

That’s it. The news is: appreciate the pretty that is – or will soon be – crawling/walking among us.

Sophia Crouch & Harry O’Hara: Cuteness Caught On Camera


England NT player first child

Image Credit: Abbey’s Twitter & Danielle’s Twitter.

Gone are the days of carrying around your kids’ most precious moments in your back pocket or purse, Kickette boys and girls. As Abbey Crouch and Danielle Lloyd can attest, it’s much more fun to capture your babies’ chocolate biscuit antics as it happens.

By the way, can you imagine how the universe would fold in on itself if a photo of you in your first Halloween costume (whilst sleeping, natch) made its way to the Web? Oh the horror and agony our childhood candids would drum up all on their own.

Pitter Patter: Joey Barton & Georgia McNeil Expecting Their First Child


QPR footballer procreating

Read more about the couple via The Daily Mail.

Steven & Alex Gerrard: Lunch & Leopard Prints In Liverpool


There’s much to be discussed about this couple venturing around town earlier today, but we’re a bit stuck on where to start.

Is it with the leopard-on-leopard style statement that Alex and her bump are making? The plausibility of the LFC captain picking a wedgie whilst walking? Or should we turn our attention to issues which have a direct impact on ourselves, such as when will the folks who hoarded all those Four Loko cans finally bust open their stash and share with us?

We just don’t know, so instead of getting this whole snarky thing wrong and pissing off our readers in the process, we just won’t go there. Or anywhere but under our duvet covers for that matter.