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Bumping Along: Sheree Murphy


Pregnant ‘Hollyoaks’ soap actress, Sheree Murphy, showed off her thin, pregnant pins outside Alex Gerrard’s baby shower at the plush Vincent Hotel in Southport. Harry Kewell’s wife (pregnant with the couple’s 4th) was accompanied by Cricket Boutique shop owner, Justine Mills, and a smorgasbord of gender neutral wrapped presents.

Breaking News: David, Victoria & Harper Go Public


While you all pause to witness history in the making, we’ve taken the liberty of scrapping together the odd observation or two about the Beckhams out at Maxfield earlier today just so you don’t have to. See, we’re real people with real drinks to get back to, too!

And so we say: David, still hot. Poss even hotter cradling his 8-week-old daughter. Victoria, appropriately outfitted as she should be. All is right with the universe.

Our advice to the ladies who have missed out on hooking a ‘baller for themselves – go get yourself knocked up. And fast. Then enroll the new sprog at Curtis private school in California and dress him in his Sunday best. Consider it a healthy course of action for your retirement should your son (if all goes to plan) and Harper hit it off.

Christine Bleakley: Out & About In London


Lead image taken 30.08.2011. Below image taken 12.07.2011.

This is another pathetic attempt of ours – thinly veiled as a ‘newsworthy’ post that’s ‘timely’ and ‘relevant’ – at getting a better, more magnified look at an English WAG’s engagement ring.

Soz. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Verdict: Wowie.

Pitter Patter: Neymar & Davi Lucca


Image via Twitter. Cheers for the head’s up, J!

A few months ago we blinked, took a deep breath and broke the news that 19-year-old Santos striker Neymar was expecting his first child. As tends to happen in these cases, a baby has indeed turned up.

Born yesterday morning in a local area hospital, Neymar shared the news of Davi Lucca’s arrival with the world even before the infant was ready for his close-up.  The proud papa later described his nummy baby boy as ’2.8 kilograms (6 pounds) of pure happiness’.

That is just too cute for words!

By the end of yesterday we hard that baby Davi and Mum – Carolina Nogueira Dantas (age: 17) – were doing ‘just fine’ once the kid was able to remove his matching headwear and let his mohawk grow in peace.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image via thefashionspot.

Rather than bore everyone about our hatred for Monday mornings, we’ve taken the more mature route by telling today to ‘suck it’.

Boy did that feel good!


- Carles Puyol’s girlfriend, Malena Costa, was busy teaching Barcelona the next ‘big’ thing in goal celebrations over the weekend. That, or presenting Zumba fitness in Madrid.

- Sheree Murphy kindly confirmed for us that yes, her husband Harry Kewell gives her pregnant feet ‘the best’ massages. . Although she’s been living in England for many years, we also learned that Sheree’s temporarily moving to Melbourne and will give birth to the couple’s fourth child in Australia. All the best to the Kewells!