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Kickette Catch Up: Your (Extended) Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet



- Having just returned from her latest holiday in Baleares Island, Spain with Frank ‘The Sun has my bare bum exposed, how do you like me now?’ Lampard, Christine Bleakely’s “Daybreak” co-host, Adrian Chiles, declared her skin colouring to be a shade of ‘burnt bacon brown’ on live telly.

- Pardon our delay, but if you have a heart, it will weep upon watching this a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e video about the underprivileged kids of Margatania F.C.

- Aston Villa’s Brad Guzan recently got married and made a movie trailer about the experience. Wedding photo albums = soo 2010.


Mr & Mrs: Peter Crouch & Abbey Clancy Tie The Knot


We’ve watched these crazy kids fall head over heels into punch-drunk love for many years, so it was only a matter of time before Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy cemented their status with magic tricks and karaoke.

Congrats to the couple, who got hitched in a ceremony earlier today. Mrs Crouch looked absolutely stunning in her Giles Deacon dress. Her husband looked absolutely…tall.

Yesterday, the Tottenham footballer and his long-time WAG spent their last day as singles with friends and family at their hotel’s grounds. Peter played a round of golf with the guys while always true-to-form Abbey knocked back a few cocktails with her gals.

More updates to follow…!

Mr & Mrs: Raul Albiol & Alicia Roig


We’re wishing these lovebirds all the best and hope pics of their honeymoon surface soon! Image Source: Marca.com.

Always ones who have tons of time and tasks on our hands, we’re just now getting ’round to celebrating Raul Albiol’s recent nuptials. Don’t be shell-shocked; in order to live up to your expectations of us as loose – but incredibly fun – women, it would be bad form to promptly publish our posts.

Thus, we’re sending our cheeriest congratulations to recent GQ Spain interviewee and model an entire week after he finally put a ring on his lady/fellow GQ subject, Alicia Roig, in their hometown of Valencia. In our eyes, giving a gal her rightful, legal WAG rights is one of the best gifts a footballer can present to his loved one, second only to giving the gift of life two times over (back to back births, mind you).


Sergio Aguero: How Much Is That Hoop Earring In His Earlobe?


Please sing our headline to the tune of, ‘How Much Is That Doggy In the Window?’. The ‘arf, arf’ sound effects are optional. Image via Kun’s Twitter.

Time for a contest, Kickettes!

Anyone who correctly guesses the weight of Serio Aguero’s diamond huggies in carats (without going over) will win a box of Cesc’s cookies and bragging rights that we’d advise against sharing in circles outside of our own. Mainly because we think those small-minded peeps who scoff at your football fandom will call you ‘weird’ and say you have too much time on your hands.

We, however, will geek out with you about your computer monitor’s ability to micro-zoom and celebrate your footballer-lovin’ tendencies with virtual high fives because we’re loyal to our mates like that.

Vacay: Johnny Heitinga & Charlotte-Sophie Zenden


This is Charlotte-Sophie Zenden. She married Johnny Heitinga (yup, that’s this guy) in a three day mayhem wedding last summer. Unless this photograph depicts her moments after winning a cocktail drinking contest on the beach, she is heavily pregnant.

We’re not saying anything about guys fooling around while they’re wives are preggo. Well, maybe just a couple of minor things.