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Pitter Patter: Pepe & Yolanda Reina Welcome A Baby Boy


Liverpool player with newborn son Luca

Images: Pepe Reina’s Official Facebook page.

LFC footballer baby boyDid you know that your eyes can drool, Kickettes? Don’t believe us? Well then, prepare to be amazed as you feast your pupils on Pepe Reina and his wonderfully nummy family.

Congratulations and bulk orders of La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate are in order for the Liverpool player and equally attractive wife, Yolanda, who gave birth to the couple’s third child last week. If you’re headline-ready abilities are sub par, then take note of the blissfully sleepy baby boy named Luca, whom she delivered in Cordoba, Spain. Keeping pace with the technological era, the proud new papa shared the good news and photos with us via Facebook, and according to him, Mum & son ‘are perfect’.

goalkeeper's third kid daughtersSince further necessary tidbits, such as the cost of Yo’s push present, were unavailable at the time we went to print, allow us to shift gears to David Villa and our adoption papers for a second. The ecstatic Barcelona player dedicated his Champions League final goal to not only his family and children, but Reina’s as well, saying that his Spanish national teammate’s daughters (Alma and Grecia, at left) are like his nieces. So tell us, oh Sultry Soulpatch Sire, if you’re plucking lucky ladies left and right to join to your clan, what’s the hold up with processing our paperwork? Did we sprinkle on one too many spritzes of Miss Dior Cherie?

Anywho, Luca is the second of many footballers’ babies conceived on holiday/whilst injured to recently hatch. Finally, the world is fulfilling our incessant demands for more lap of honour bubbas & ‘ballers. Things are looking up indeed!

Good Week/Bad Week: Gifting & Grabbing


Thierry Henry pauses during his side’s fixture against Colorado Rapids to consider the impact on Cheryl Cole’s career that her exit from US X-Factor might have. Or maybe he just caught a glimpse of Cesc’s hair in the crowd. Images: Getty Images/Daylife, Getty Images/Zimbio

Isn’t it nice to see Titi again? While we could live without the beard and the handsy rep, we’ve missed leching over Monsieur Henry and his physique. He’s not a bad footballer, either.

Sit back and enjoy the memories while taking in the week’s major events, peeps!


James Owen: Future Fashionable Footy Star


Michael Owen snapped this shot of his son, James, sporting his own (mini) England NT kit before the father and son duo skipped out to a kiddie training session. Seeing Mikey’s boy all proud in his footie clobber was so overwhelmingly endearing that even our office wheelie chairs caved to the cuteness. Image Source: Yfrog via @TheMichaelOwen.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Seattle’s Fredy Montero post-surgery Twitpic. Go Sounders indeed.

T’was a looong week last week, Kickettes, so forgive our ill-fated attempts at keeping a semi-professional/regular schedule. Fortunately, as we flooded our insides with in-flight alcohol, we found some superb shots of a CR JR being craddled by his papa.

Let us begin.


- In case you missed the news like we did, Nagore Aramburu was declared the ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in Spain by the country’s edition of GLAMOUR magazine. Her hot hubby was more than happy to accompany his wife to last week’s ceremony.

Image: Glamour.es. Thnx RF!

- Christian Chivu, 30-years-old, announced his retirement from Romanian international football; he blamed ‘age and surgery’ as reasons for his dwindling competitive streak.

- What kind of dirt does Cesc Fabregas have on Jack Wilshere?! Whatever the secret is, Wilshere promises it will be one for the ladies if he’s ever exposed. We think Cesc should open Jack’s can of worms; you?


Bumping Along: Yvonne O’Shea


Manchester United footballers and WAGS at the Manchester United Player of the Year awards at Old Trafford

Mrs John O’Shea seems about 7 months along, no? Any Manchester United Kickettes care to place a wager on the sex of this couple’s first born?