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Mr & Mrs: Charlie & Sophie Leigh Adam


Liverpool’s Charlie Adam married his WAG of three years, Sophie Leigh (née Anderson), on the banks of Loch Lomond on 16 June 2012. Their reception followed immediately after – held at the five-star Cameron House – while our coverage of their big day did not (soz). The groom wore a traditional Scottish kilt, four bridesmaids donned £300 nude Loubs and the bride was outfitted in a fitted lacy number. You can rest easier, Kickettes, knowing her wedding gown wasn’t bad enough to kill anyone since zero fashion-related deaths were reported. That’s something to be thankful for.

Yesterday, all still seemed to be well with the newlyweds as they were out and about in the Pool shopping for designer knickers. We think Sophie was looking rather floaty and happy in her blazer, outdated skull scarf and metallic trainers. And also, nouveau riche. And giddy. And not worried about her recently cash rich bank account in the slightest. And so on.

Congratulations to the couple!

Bump & Bulge Watch: Yolanda Cardona & Victor Valdes


Yolanda Cardona continues to be hush about her rumoured bun in the oven, just like she and her man were the first time around, so the baby bump gossip is basically all but verbally confirmed to be true. [Ed Note: unless we missed a previous announcement or something?] Of course, these two keep their personal lives so private that we could be wrong. Yolanda’s rounded midsection that she showcased on the beach in Sardinia could really be a painless, non-emergency gallstone, for instance.

But obviously our trusty eyeballs have led our minds elsewhere, to an imaginary situ involving Victor sticking his key in her ignition. Which would mean that the protrusion between her black bikini is the couple’s second child in the making (their son Dylan, pictured at left, will be 3-years-old in August).

And while the status of Miss Cardona’s stomach is her own business, her man’s wet bulge is ours. Hallelujah for minuscule bathing suits for men, Kickettes. Without them, our life’s work would be incomplete.

‘Ballers In Bathrobes: Charlie Davies & Stu Holden


The Davies’ wedding photo album is all about the monogrammed robes (as well as what’s underneath) for us.

Bumping Along: Antonella Roccuzzo


The wind (and our mates at Barcelista) heard our lack of baby bump calling from yesterday and produced this. Four months along she supposedly is, Kickettes. Image: Tumblr.

Mr & Mrs: Andres Iniesta & Anna Ortiz


Image: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/GettyImages.

Back to back Euro 2012 champion, Andres Iniesta, finally married his longtime girlfriend (and mother to his daughter, Valeria) Anna Ortiz over the weekend, Kickettes.

Like we didn’t see this one coming.

Enjoy a preview of the couple’s unofficial wedding album here.