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Pitter Patter: Lucas Neill and Lindsay Morris


imageCongratulations to West Ham’s Lucas Neill and his fiance, Lindsay. They’re the new parents of twin babies – a boy and a girl, born on Monday in London.

No information on names has been released, but mama and bubbas are doing fine. Lucas is expected to join the Australian National team this weekend in Dubai for their game against Iraq.

Their rep told the press: “As you would expect, they are two good-lookers.“ 

thx BJ!

Ice Cream Day: The Terrys


Seriously, what is the deal with these kids? We’d like to know what kind of blood pact/secret handshake John and Toni Terry made to the fertility gods because their kids are some of the cutest in the nation. 

Here’s the family out for a spot of shopping and ice-cream last Thursday.  Later that eve, Toni and John headed out for a late meal and some drinks at China Tang in London. Not news, but what do you want? We gave you cute bubbas, cut us some slack here.

Side note: is Toni looking extra cute these days or what? Something good must be running in the water in Chelsea.


Off the Market: Niko Kranjcar



Portsmouth’s Niko Kranjcar has tragically gone off market, Kickettes.

He’s just gotten engaged to his long term girlfriend, Simona Fistric, who has an economics degree and moved to the UK to be with him two years ago. The pair have been together for four years.

By the way, Simona’s 29 – six years older than Niko.  This means she got in there when Niko was just 19. You know the integral Wagabee rule about getting in there while they’re young and/or hanging on for dear life, yes?  Simona, we applaud you for seeing into the future with such focused and dedicated vision.

Niko is notoriously media shy and it’s unlikely there will be much information leaked about the upcoming nuptials. Reports have it set for the end of the year.


cheers HB!

Coleen McLoughlin Sorts the Wedding List



image courtesy of BIG/KEYSTONE Press

Coleen and Wayne Rooney had dinner together in Manchester last night - he’s about to head off abroad for his stag party. Relaxing times ahead for Coleen, no doubt.

Recently, Wayne’s cousin James spoke out about the report that many of the Rooney clan have been banned from the upcoming wedding in Italy.  James denies this, though he does admit many of their family – and Coleen’s- haven’t been invited. This is due to space, not chav-behaviour risk, he says. 

“She wants her day with immediate family and friends it’s her & Wayne’s big day so they should get to say how they want there day to be, Again the press just blew this out of proportion. But under no circumstances is it because of the way we behaved at her 18th and 21st -  they were two mishaps which nobody could have controlled.“

‘Tis true, dear readers. Many times, drunken flashing of the bosoms by your relatives is something no one can be held responsible for.

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