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WAG Watch: Carly Zucker Talks Marriage


Damn it, that wiley Carly Zucker was obviously onto our summer wedding extravaganza intensive stalking plans and has moved back the date of her nuptials with Joe Cole until 2009. 

“We haven’t finalised all the details but it will be next summer, not this one. It’s very exciting. I haven’t picked out my dress yet because it’s still early days. We’re both family people so we’ll have all the people we’re close to there. It won’t be a massive do but it won’t be small either!“

In an interview with the Mirror she talks about her relationship with Joe (they have been dating for six years), her training regime (a stomach injury has forced her to pull out of the London Marathon this weekend) (we all know that stomach injury was caused by a lack of adequate mid-section coverage), and her income (she earns her own living as a fitness trainer).

Kudos to Carly for continuing to work and for not rushing to seal the deal with Joe until a well known fashion designer can create a wedding dress with cut out panels for abs.  Or, perhaps she is waiting to find the perfect hair-doo for the event.  Let us quickly say a silent prayer in hope.

Random: Carly also mentions that her BFF, Lisa Carrick has had her baby. Official announcement not yet arrived in our inboxes, but we will keep you posted with any deets.

Link: So Excited To Be Getting Married To Joe Cole

Cheers Anna!

Bubbas & Ballers: Thierry Henry, Tea



January 2008, Barcelona


Images courtesy of BIG UK/KEYSTONE Press

Lazy Links & Randoms



Happy birthday Coleen!  Ms. McL turned 22 yesterday. As a gift, Wayne left his credit card behind the till for her at a ritzy boutique. She’s celebrating at the Grand National today. Pics will be here as soon as we can hawk ‘em.

David Beckham has a £600 gold i-Pod. But is this news? If your balls are golden, surely everything else must be too.

Wonder who’ll be the first footie-star endorser for these new boots? The video ad is fabulously entertaining, regardless.

Is WAG Michelle Marsh pregnant? Isn’t she a new mum? And does anyone outside of the page 3 community care?

Last chance to enter our competition to win a subscription to ICON magazine – we’ll be closing our reader survey over the weekend and will fill you in on winners and your responses next week. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Lazy Links and Randoms



Rio Ferdinand looks set to become a father again. According to the NOTW, his fiancée, Rebecca, is four months along. Then again, the paper calls her ‘Rachel’ in their brilliantly fact-checked article. The pair already have a son, Lorenz, born in July 2006.

Jessica Brinton gives an insider’s view on Alex Curran and Liverpool Fashion Week.

Jens Lehmann gets in a fight with the paparazzi outside Embassy in London. Also at Embassy that night: Charlotte Mears. Zzzz.

Cheryl Cole gets well fugged.

A Kickette commenter gets quoted in the Independent’s story about Roy Keane’s hotness. Nice one, Ally!

New couple on the scene: Micah Richards is dating Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan. Apparently after they met at a party he bombarded her with texts until she agreed to go out with him. Or, possibly he just showed her his abs and she immediately acquiesced.

Pitter Patter: Alberto and Alice



Well wishes and big congratulations to AC Milan’s Alberto Gilardino and his wife-to-be, Alice Bregoli.  They celebrated the birth of their first child, Ginevra, on March 2nd.

You remember Mr. Gilardino from the Dolce & Gabbana calendar of love and loinage, don’t you?

Baby name: Ginevra. Do you love or are you lukewarm? Not that we’re judging a newborn or anything.

cheers CLB!