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French Bells for Wayne & Coleen


Details of the McRooney wedding are beginning to leak and it looks like this will be a French affair. 

Those looking for tack, OTT and lap dancing guests, try not to panic. The setting may be in the classy and chic French Riviera environs, but chances are high that we will all get the WAGtastic wedding we have been dreaming of, one that dares to blow previous nuptials crazies out of the water.


A few basic deets:


Pitter Patter: Daddy Van Nistelrooy



Ruud and Leontien with daughter Moa in 2007

Congratulations to Real Madrid’s Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who has become a father for the second time. His wife Leontien, had an easter baby boy, named Lian, on March 22nd.

His eldest child Moa was born in September 2006.

Nice work Nisties!

Lazy Links & One Liners


Congratulations! Sheree Murphy and Harry Kewell have a new bubba: Matilda, born on 19 March.  Their other children are Taylor and Ruby.  And look, it’s another bloody skull scarf.

Cesc Fabregas plays x-box in his boxers and wants to get a chihuahua puppy. Huh?

Happy belated b-day Nando! Love you, love your work.

Pub quiz hookup: Frank, Elen, Abbey and Alex’s favourite song? Trippin’ On You by Cahill. 

image courtesy of Splash News/KEYSTONE Press

Becks is one step closer to getting his 100th cap. Meh, for some reason, we’re kind of over it. We are, however, all over the daddy-love.


WAG Watch: Lisa Carrick At Old Trafford



image courtesy of Splash News/KEYSTONE Press

Representing for non-oft mentioned WAGs on Kickette, here’s Michael Carrick’s wife, Lisa, supporting the hubby at a January match in Manchester.

What’s the deal with the WAG adoration for the skull motif/print?  They are the only women on the planet keeping that dead and buried trend alive.

Pitter Patter/Career Drama: Xabi & Nagore


image courtesy of KEYSTONE Press

Congratulations to Xabi Alonso and his fiancé Nagore, who celebrated the birth of a baby boy on Tuesday.

As most of you know, the nummy Xabs made the decision to stay in the UK with Nagore (after her initial weekend birth hopes went out the window) rather than travel to San Siro to play against Inter Milan in Liverpool’s Champions League game. This decision did not go down terribly well with the boss.

We’re well aware of the importance of team loyalty, and the ‘life and death’ mentality that goes with it – and we respect that – especially for a big game like this. But seriously, aren’t there certain incidences where one is allowed to take a personal day from the office? We count childbirth and sales at Selfridges as two major examples when one is absolutely entitled to take time off. But that’s just us.

Was Xabi right to choose to stay back with Nagore? Tabloid reports would have it that his future at the club is in question over this – do you agree? Would everyone feel differently about Xabi’s decision if Liverpool had lost the match (nice one, Nando)? And most importantly, when do we see the baby pictures?