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Randoms: Babies, Groupies and Skeevies


Aussie hottie/West Ham defender Lucas Neill and his girlfriend Lindsey Morris are expecting twins. Re his hand position: is that why she looks so happy?

Rebecca Loos is multi-talented.  She can skeeve, and she can sing.  We’re like, sooo jealous.

imageGood to know there is a home/gallery for important images like this one. Mmm, man love taken out of context.

Becks and the blonde: innocent groupie love or guilty groupie love?

Alena Seredova and Gianluigi Buffon had their baby, a son named Louis Thomas, born on December 28.  Yes, we’re quick with the news updates this end.

Bubbs Watch: Ad


Link: Petr, Martina and Adela


Randoms: Booze, Babies and (possible) Bitch Slaps



If this story is true, don’t you think Johanne Beckham could totally take out Danielle Lloyd with a quick right hook? In case you’re keeping score, this is Dani’s third cat fight in the last eight months. Sweet and classy. Btw, did you know that Joanne used to date Jermain Defoe? Believe it, girls. During her birthday celebrations and bitch slaps at Studio Valbonne, story has it that the two ex-love birds hooked it up.

Tottenham’s Ledley King is a man who cannot handle the al-key-hol. A night’s celebration with the lads after the Carling Cup win resulted in him being completely ass out and kicked out. This is not the first time for Mr. King.

However, Jermaine Jenas is a true die hard, doing the nation proud with his ability to get completely blottered until the early hours of the morning for two nights in a row with nary a tabloid scandal and his trousers remaining on. Nice work, JJ.

imageSheree Murphy’s baby shower: the Justine Mills (Cricket boutique owner) version.

(Warning, this includes much product and location shilling/ name dropping.) Check this week’s OK! for more pics and deets.

Start planning your stalking/ mini-skirt schedule now chickies, the list of the top earning footballers in Europe is out.

Bump Watch: Kaka & Caroline at the Armani Show



Pitter Patter: Petr, Martina and Adéla



Petr and Martina Cech recently celebrated the birth of their daughter, Adéla Cechova.

The baby was born last Wednesday, at 6.19am, in Petr’s native Czech Republic. He had to stay in London for the day-job, but stayed up all night on the telephone with his wife, family and doctors.

Petr played a great game against Everton later that day (Chelsea won, 1-nil), getting through on zero sleep and pure adrenaline.

We’re going to make the assumption his wife also got through the previous night and following day on the same, with possibly a little assistance from some wonderful drugs and/or a magical diamond bracelet.

Petr dedicated the victory to his wife and daughter and flew out straight afterwards to get his new bubba love on.


Link: Petr’s Official Site