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Pitter Patter: Michael & Louise Owen



Louise Owen gave birth to her and Michael Owen’s third child on Monday.

The new bubbette is a little girl and joins her four-year-old sister Gemma, and her brother, James who is 21 months.

We want to take this moment to give full props to Louise for knocking out three kids in a relatively short space of time and keeping her designer gear and looks in tact.

Michael went round Newcastle’s training ground yesterday to tell everyone the good news.


Pitter Patter: Jose Antonio Reyes & Ana Lopez



Congratulations to Atlético Madrid’s Jose Antonio Reyes and his girlfriend Ana Lopez. They’ve just welcomed a brand new cuddle monster into the family: Jose Antonio Jr.

cheers CC!

Pitter Patter: Alessandro and Sonia Del Piero



Congratulations to the delectable Mr. Del Piero of Juventus and his wife Sonia, who have a new addition to the familia. 

Little baby Tobias was born on Sunday, and is doing well, weighing in at just over 3 kilos. It was a good day all round for Alessandro, who scored a winning goal against Genoa just a few hours before his son was born.

On his official site, Alessandro says: “Dear Friends, Sonia and I are really excited to announce the birth of our baby boy Tobias. Tobias and his Mum are both well. We are very happy and we thanks everybody for being so close to us. Alessandro”

Link: Alessandro’s Official Site

Off The Market: Darren Byfield



R&B songstress Jamelia and Bristol City’s Darren Byfield have announced their engagement.

Guess they got over that pesky did he/didn’t he cheating situ

Darren popped the question in front of friends and family at his birthday party in Birmingham on Sunday.

Jamelia has made her thoughts and feelings known about being respected for her own career and her dislike of the WAG spongers we hold so dear to our hearts. 

As a result, we’re curious to see what happens with the wedding. Will the Byfield’s go for the ultimate WAG move of selling their wedding pics to one of the big weeklies?  Or does OK! Magazine care about this even less than we do? 

Actually, we are going to remove our snarkometer for a ‘mo.  It’s great to see that these two have worked things out, especially because they share a child together.

Look at us, all mature and such.

Pitter Patter: Xabi and Nagore


Congratulations are in order for Xabi Alonso and his partner, Nagore. They are expecting their first child together.

We will not be bitterly or insanely jealous nor will we player hate on this fine couple.  For at least thirty, maybe forty seconds.

We will however, have a very large drink of something alcoholic whilst listening to I Will Survive on the iPod in order to deal.  Xabi really is well and truly off the market.

Thanks Irham for the scoop!