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Pitter Patter: Petr and Martina Cech



Chelsea’s Peter Cech and his wife Martina are expecting a bubba in January ‘08.  No snark possible here, (1. They’re too cute together, 2. Bubbas are involved).  We’re just glad Mr. C is still with us after last year’s horror show injury. 

Link: Petr of Tiny Feet

Off The Market: Giggsy



Well, that was undercover.

Man U’s Ryan Giggs married his long-term gal Stacey Cooke in a secret registry office wedding on Friday.

No paparazzi.  No magazine deal.  What is this world coming to when people want to get married in a private manner?  All is awry in the universe, we are certain of this.

The congregation included the couple’s two children, four-year-old Liberty, and Zach, who is one. It didn’t include Ryan’s father Danny Wilson – a former rugby star who is estranged from the family, nor Ryan’s brother Rhodri, who is said to be “gutted”.

Some bg on Ryan’s love life? Ryan was engaged to Davinia Taylor, but they fell out after some random situation in a nightclub that left her with facial injuries.  (WTF, right?) She then got engaged/married to Jason Gardner, a sports agent.  Giggsy was close with Gardner and was the two fell out after he began seriously dating his sister, Emma and cheating on her with Stacey.  It’s like East Enders with 400x the money.

Your thoughts on getting married on the low, Kickettes?  We personally feel if you’re heading down that dark, long road of monogamy, you might as well go out with a big ass dress and a reception full of drunk relatives and offensive flower arrangements.  We envy those who can do it hush hush; we would sell out to OK in a hot minute.

Link: Giggs Gets Married

(pic is from the WWE this summer, when they attended Michael Carrick’s wedding.)

Decree Nisi: Thierry and Claire


Thierry Henry‘s four-year-marriage with his wife Claire Merry is officially over. 

Also officially over: our love for the va-voom that used to be Mr. Henry.

We used to adore Thierry – he was one of our Finest Five and with his accent and incredible skills up front had us smitten. But alas, our love has turned to apathy/distain/eye rolls in the wake of his recent actions.  Was he always such a jackass?  Or is this a new thing?

Today Thierry and Claire were granted a quickie divorce after she filed on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour”.  We’re not sure exactly what Thierry’s unreasonable behaviour was, though stories are out that Claire discovered some incriminating text messages on her hubby’s mobile phone.  When she confronted him, he said he was leaving and packed up and out of the family home. He soon announced he was leaving Arsenal and making the transfer to Barcelona.

Remember this gem? “

Elen Rives: The Ring Returns


image: xposure


After six weeks of exile, Elen Rives’ engagement ring has clawed its way back onto her hand and into our jealous hearts.

It would seem all has been forgotten (or begged /pleaded /mortgaged), and Elen and Frank Lampard are back on course to get married next year.

Thank God for small mercies; Elen can resume shopping in peace, with the personal safety and security a rock the size of jupiter can bring.

Your thoughts on the matter, Kickettes?  Would you take him back after everything that has happened?  Would the love of country house, cash, babies and the Lamps make it impossible to go? 

You know where we stand on the matter… don’t let the door hit you on the way out, dahlink.

Link: Rings Are Looking Up

The Doghouse: Frank Lampard


image: big


So Frank Lampard is in the doghouse. Sort of.

After Frank was caught out in Vegas with some random slag/bint/hoochie, his fiancee, Elen Rives initially looked like a walk over.  She took off her engagement ring, but didn’t throw him out.  She said she was going to change the locks, but we’re quite sure it didn’t happen. 

We still don’t feel there was any real evidence of the seething, venomous rage or just-had-a-baby-you-jackass hormones that should have unleashed a torrent of hellfire on Frank’s cheating self.

That said, it would appear Ms. Rives is playing her cards with a ringless, yet stealth hand. 

She’s ordered Lamps to quit their London diggs in Fulham and head to the country, far away from all the city skanks, and closer to all the country ones. 

Frank loves their home in the city but is bowing to the pressure.  They’ll be moving into a