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Sergio Ramos: Out For A Spot Of Tuxedo Shopping


Madrid’s tuxedo boutiques are having the best day ever. Images: Divinity.es.

Sergio let his hair down in Madrid earlier today whilst shopping with his brother Rene and girlfriend Lara Alvarez. He wore a fantastic ensemble from the well-known design house, We Actually Don’t Hate What You’re Wearing, and was apparently on the hunt for a tuxedo.

To wear to Iker and Sara’s upcoming nuptials, so the Spanish media speculates.

Since we know you all don’t care to hear any more of this story’s “facts”, speed click on over to Divinity’s site for more pics. It would not be unwise to bring a drool rag with you.

Engaged: Luis Nani & Daniela Martins


Manchester United Portuguese winger getting married

Corks are a poppin’ in the Nani household today after the Manchester United player announced he and his longtime Portuguese girlfriend, Daniela Martins, are getting married.

This may not come as a shock to those who saw the pap pics of Daniela browsing wedding dress racks in Manchester yesterday. While she left empty-handed – leaving the ceremoy’s level of blingtastic opulence a mystery – Miss Martins is guaranteed to be WAGtastically done up on her big day.


Leo Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo: Pitter Patter?


Lionel Messi girlfriend preggers knocked up

Spotted on Of Headbands and Heartbreak.

hot body bathing suit bikini beach yacht thong brunetteLeo Messi and his girlfriend/wife – who is of pretty hair and round rump – are supposedly going to be parents.

All we’ve got by way of a confirmation is a screen grab from Twitter and a bunch of articles we can’t read. We’re told, however, that the news first broke on an Argentine radio program and has since been confirmed by multiple media sources. Though neither Antonella nor her TIME Magazine 2012 influencer have made any official announcement, several sources have received information from family members about the pregnancy.

We like the idea of guys wifey-ing up their longtime loves, so congrats to these crazy kids if true!


Lazy Links & Randoms


We injured ourselves yawning this morning, which means that despite a fantastic name and an idiot-proof promise, we won’t be trying the anti-spill beer contraption anytime soon.

Related product shill shiznit: Shayk stripped off for flip flops, Florent Malouda rolled deep to a game of Red Rover, Guti’s girl Romina was hired by Herbal Essences and Cesc drove a PUMA-donated Ferrari to practice (while shooting a commercial, there’s a Formula 1 tie-in there somewhere).


Frankie Sandford: Practically Begging For A Proposal?


Wayne Bridge has a new house, is playing for a new team, and apparently is under pressure to take on a new live-in partner as well if heat magazine’s latest report is to be believed.

Despite Frankie Sandford’s anonymous mate’s best intentions, the weekly gossip rag’s latest story – “Frankie: Please Marry Me, Wayne!” – depicts the Saturdays singer as a desperate WAG-in-waiting.