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Mr. and Mrs: The Terrys Pt 2


Frank Lampard (minus Elen), John Terry and the now Toni Terry, Louise and Jamie Redknapp

From this week’s OK! Magazine, here are a few selected pics from John Terry and Toni Poole’s wedding.

The fashion breakdown:  Cheryl Cole wore Chloe, Coleen McLoughlin wore see-through Pucci, Carly Zucker wore Lanvin and Ralph Lauren, and bride Toni wore some sort of sequin beaded meringue confectioners ball gown by couturier Steven Hakes.

It has 12,000 beads and she accessorized with Jimmy Choo shoes. We initially thought we liked it, thought we admired Toni’s choice to wear gold on her wedding day.  Gold accessorized with extensive amounts of plumage.  Good on you, Toni, we thought.

But then the excitement of the moment wore off, we realized we had forgotten to put in our contacts this morning, and when we did, we saw the truth.  And it was not good.  But her choice was better than her husband wearing a goldenrod suit to his wedding, so there you have it.

Dress designer Hakes says: “Toni wanted something unique rather than traditional so it ended up being a very rock and roll dress.“

No, wait. We’ve changed our minds.  The ‘rock and roll’ dress.  Lionel Richie.  The lap straddling lap dancing gyrations of the groom (see below).  The insane OTT insanity of it all.  We love it.  Nice job, The Terrys.  Who needs class when you’re this rich?

Thanks to the fabulous StevieJt at Miss Fairy Tale for scanning these photos until she couldn’t scan no ‘mo.

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Mr. and Mrs: The Terrys


Here’s the first of many group shots to come of John Terry and his new wife, Toni Poole.

Our initial thoughts are mainly focussed on Cheryl Cole’s bouffant.  We’re still making our minds up about Toni Poole’s dress.

Thanks for the pic, Jayelle!


Hello? Is it OK You’re Looking For?



Take warning, fellow Kickettes.  When the time comes to book a wedding singer, choose carefully.

At Toni Poole and John Terry’s wedding this weekend, Lionel Richie was the guest of honour, paid nearly £250,000 to perform at the reception.

After being heckled by the crowd – who by this point were stonking drunk – Richie had to ask everyone to pipe down so he could finish his set. Toni Poole looked on in horror – obviously by now she knows what footie boys are like, especially considering John Terry’s penchant for gambling and alleged affairs. It’s said that she was very “anxious” when Mr. R was on stage.

The Sun newspaper reports:

“It was really embarrassing. Toni was looking very anxious about the lads making a real fool of her. When he started singing Hello the boys started chanting back to him as if they were on the football ground terraces. They had downed so much champagne at the reception the guests became really lairy and started shouting over his set.”

Things got worse for poor Toni and her stress levels when Lionel made a joke at the start of his set, saying, “I had better open the show with Hello since it is going to be in that magazine next week.” Er, no, smart guy, it’s OK! Magazine actually. Why don’t you stick to the singing and spritzing the Jheri curl, and leave the jokes to us.

Mrs Steven Gerrard




WWE: The Afters


Our inside sources/stalkers for the Weekend Wedding Extravagaza are still hungover/in prison/etc so full details of the WAG wedding fest will be forthcoming.  For those not in the know, Steven Gerrard and handbag specialist Alex Curran, Michael Carrick and Lisa ‘is there vodka in this?‘ Roughead, Gary Neville and former shopgirl Emma Hadfield, and John Terry and the hardworking Toni Poole all got married this weekend.

Gary Neville and Emma Hadfield

A few tidbits on the Neville nuptials:
- David Beckham sent a video message to Gary and Emma
-Gary’s brother Phil forgot his suit and a mad scramble took place to get one from London’s Harvey Nichols. 
-Wayne and Coleen hit the ceremony but made a break before the reception to head to Michael Carrick’s do.
-Emma’s dress was by Amanda Wakeley.


Michael Carrick and Lisa Roughead

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