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Cristiano Ronaldo: Head Scratcher


Just what exactly is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo up to? Nit-picking? Brotherly-love expressed via head-flicking? A finger-tip massage technique we would (surprisingly) pass up? Answers on a postcard, pls.

QOTD: Xavi On Midget Bullfighting


Q:  Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?

A:  So, does that mean I can’t perform?

Brilliant, no? We like a man who can make a joke about his size – the rather-talented midfielder stands at about 5’7″. After all, good things (like shiny things from Tiffany) come in small packages.

Read the full translated interview from El Pais here.

Style-Off: England Boys’ Back-To-Reality Looks


Post World Cup non-glory, some of our favourite English lads have headed off to spend time with their significant others. What else do we have now but to judge their apparel?

In London, Frank Lampard left his Chelsea flat (with g/f Christine Bleakley);

In Southport, Captain Steven Gerrard had lunch at Bistro Verite with his two daughters and wife Alex (she wore clogs. Soz. Had to mention); and

In France, David Beckham headed to Bargemon to be with Victoria and their three boys.

Which of the back-to-reality boys gets your vote for the best style-whilst-sad look? We think they all look rather good, but it’s hard to out-do Becks when it comes to casual cute.

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Keisuke Honda, Japan


Sure, we think “Keisuke Bentley” also has a nice ring to it, but we can deal. The cute Japanese star striker (and peroxide lover) is about to do his thing against Paraguay for a place in the Quarter Finals. Good luck to both sides!

Elen Rives & Anna-Maria Lagerblom: Separated At Birth?


Don’t say it’s just us who noticed the eerie similarities between Frank Lampard’s former and Mesut Özil’s current?