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Five Reasons We Love Gonzalo Higuain, Argentina


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Well, perhaps the title of this post is misleading. See, we could give you five reasons to love Gonzalo Higuain, the Argentina NT hit man. For example, 1. We could wax lyrical about his goal-scoring prowess (Pipita’s hat trick against S. Korea was the first in the World Cup since 2002).

Or, 2. We could give props about the major upgrade to Higgy’s appearance since the hair cut, Then, there’s also 3. His thrilling dedication to wearing tight, (so very tight) shirts that make our footy-watching an extra fun-filled experience.

And obviously, 4. His name is fun to say, especially when intoxicated.

But truly, all of the above = inconsequential when faced with the real facts. He has a fantabulous shelf booty. Yes, Mr. Higuain is the owner of an ass to be proud of, one that you can rest your glass of champers on if you need a spare hand, even. As you can see, no one – not even Diego Maradona-  can keep their hands off of it.

So, congratulations to Argentina for their advancement into the World Cup quarters, and congratulations to Gonzalo Higuain for being the current WC top scorer, thus ensuring that we get to worship his superior bootay for at least another another week.

Budding Bromance: Rafael van der Vaart and Robin van Persie


World Cup Group E manlove

Images via CARL DE SOUZA/Getty Images.

In a move created by David Beckham and perfected by Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael van der Vaart is on the fast track to Robin van Persie’s bromantic heart.

Whether he’s the antagonizing brolestor, or on the receiving end of van Persie’s cheeky kisses, RVDV is RVP’s object du jour. We particularly enjoy the reciprocity of this manlove – they both giveth and taketh in a somewhat even keel – but wish Rafa would ditch the “America’s Most Wanted” beard. Like, ASAP.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet



- Soon to be exes, Pato and Sthefany, narrowly escaped a mucho awkward run-in with one another in Brazil this weekend. Sthef was there for modeling work while Pato was chillin’ for pleasure.

- Seeing Victoria Beckham’s extensions from all sides did not help her head’s cause.

- Does the cover of the New York Post mean “soccer” has finally arrived? If telly ratings are anything to go by, then yes.

- First, Alex Gerrard pops up in so much celeb-mimic styleys, then Posh and her thigh-highs with dresses look. Now Cheryl’s repeating shoes. Are the WAGs running out of things to wear?  (Ed. Note: FYI, we won’t consider Cheryl as an ex-WAG until the divorce is final)

- Leo Messi turned 23 on last Thursday but had to wait until after Argentina’s win over Mexico before celebrating with his family and girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo. Miss R, who is a 22-year-old nutrition student by day, has been seen browsing South African flea markets while staying with Messi’s family in Pretoria.


Twitter Talk: Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká


Cristiano Ronaldo Kaka

We understand that shirtless a Ronaldo or a smiling-with-pornstache Kaká doesn’t make our footy reality a better place, but at least we’re attempting to fight the urge to swan dive into a gallon of mint choco chip ice cream. Image via @Cristiano.

Heart-Breakers: England & USA Out Of The World Cup


Image via Reuters, AP Photo.

Oh, Kickettes, free nail varnish for a year wouldn’t remotely help us overcome the agony of defeat shared by both sides of the pond.

Michael Bradley, Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan, Robbie Findley, Jozy Altidore, Maurice A World Cup without England is like a bowl of ice cream without a spoon – we just can’t bear to be near it without taking part in the action. Simply gutted. We don’t even have the heart to blame whatsherface.

And as we said yesterday, seeing a broken hearted Benny tugged at our heart strings which are normally be reserved for WAG weddings and baby ‘baller births.

Kudos to Ghana and Germany for their hard-fought wins and advancement in the tournament!