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Hola! – The 5 Hottest Spanish Players In The World Cup


Xabi Alonso explains the merits of ginger beard wearing to a correctly skeptical Fernando Torres & David Villa (Images:  Reuters, AP Photos and Getty Images via Daylife)

We’ve sort of done this before, y’know. But since the World Cup kicked off (and we’ve seen fit to offer our little insights into our favourite players on various national teams), the dull roar of dissent and disappointment in the comments area has increased to such a volume we’re unable to enjoy torturing the interns with the office vuvuzela anymore.

We’ve brought you Portuguese boys, Italian macho-men, and the English crumpets we love so dearly, but it’s still not enough, really, is it? We can’t sign off on Hot NT lists without leaving you to feast upon the menu of tasty tapas that is the 5 Hottest Spanish NT players playing in the World Cup.


Budweiser Besties: Bill Clinton and Carlos Bocanegra


Image via Facebook.

The only thing better than having your photo taken with former U.S. President, Bill Clinton? Having a brewski break with the former world leader.

Carlos Bocanegra, 1.
Edson Buddle, 0.


Random factoid: Boca is listed as an “actor” in the credits of this Funny Or Die 1goal montage video. He appears alongside fellow “actors” Shakira, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Quinton Fortune and Franz Beckenbauer.

World Cup Merch We Love: Shimansky’s Diamond Football


Jewellery designer Yair Shimansky has produced a unique piece of World Cup memorabilia – a £1.6 million ($2.5 million) diamond-encrusted football. Made from 9,260 white and black round, brilliant-cut South African diamonds, the ball is worth 3,500 karats and weighs about 2.2 kilograms (4.8 pounds).

While crystal replicas of the ball are now in Shimansky stores – and will eventually be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting local charities – the luxury jewellery company is supposedly negotiating a sale of the ball to an unidentified European footy club as a 2010 commemorative display piece for their trophy cabinet.

What we want to know:  which bling-obsessed footballer/club can you see wanting to own this ostentatious collector’s item?

Hidetoshi Nakata: Good Heart, Great Side Profile


Our favourite retired footballer-turned-CK-model and a Soweto student/Brazil fan spent time together during Nakata’s visit to the Winnie Nekwadzi Primary School on 23 June 2010 for the 1goal literacy campaign. Image via Dominic Barnardt/Getty Images Europe.

WAGs At The World Cup: Germany


Image via Bild.de. Thanks E!

We know it’s early but the German WAGs are already putting up a ridiculous fight for the title of  “OTT Pack of Partners at the World Cup”.

GMen-sac, the security team the DFB (Ed Note: German equivalent of the FA) hired to keep watch of the players’ mates, were seen accompanying Mesut Özil’s girlfriend Anna Maria and Jerome Boateng’s partner Sherin last weekend. Apparently, Sarah Brandner was also there (but not pictured) and more WAGs are expected to fly in any day now to support their men when they face England on Sunday.

Not to play devil’s advocates, but…we know of three other occasions when a nation’s governing body provided support to the wives and girlfriends as they made there way to, or around, the World Cup. None of them ended well. The less sensational but most recent of the three wives’ tales involves Slovenia, whose WAGs were flown out ahead of the team so they could greet the players upon their Port Elizabeth arrival.