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Jet-Setting Style Star: Sylvie van der Vaart


Image via Facebook.

Well, here’s one WAG who’s making the most of her time away from the World Cup. As the new face of German Microsoft, Mrs. Rafael Van der Vaart walked the Xbox360 red carpet at the Project Natal Premiere Party earlier this month and hasn’t slowed since.

Within the past two or so weeks, Sylvie was supposedly crowned the hottest footballers wife according to Mexican voters, got tipsy in some VIP room with David Guetta and other people we don’t know, flew back to The Netherlands for an appearance on celebrity entertainment show RTL Boulevard and staged a photo shoot in Cologne, Germany. Now that’s what we call working hard for your money.

And although rumours of her husband making a move to the EPL have circulated for a few seasons now, we’re more anxious than ever to see Sylvie out style the gaggle of English WAGs in more ways than one.

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Manuel Neuer, Germany


Image Credit: Michael Steele/Getty Images Europe

Yes, we have spotted this hottie before, but he is well worth another look.  At age 24, Manuel will only get better with age and since his position of choice is goalkeeper we reckon we’ll still be checking up on him from our wing of the Kickette nursing home many years from now.

The Sizzle Query: Best World Cup Week Two Mid-sections


World Cup abs

Image via JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images.

T’was a less torso-filled seven days than we would’ve preferred, Kickettes. While our tummy titans of years past understand their role in our poll, many of the sets we’ve seen (such as Paraguay’s Roque Santa Cruz, above) were a tad lacklustre. Yes, it pains us to say that. No, we don’t love him any less.

Before we vote, let’s all send alcoholic spirits and swirly straws to the Stomach Saints above to inspire the third round to a higher abdominal being.


Fabio Cannavaro: Stair Steppin’


Images via Getty Images Europe.

After Italy’s game against New Zealand, captain Fabio Cannavaro stepped to the beat of our hearts. Yea, we just referenced Justin Bieber, but it’s the Usher remix so it’s all good.

If Canna’s stair steppin’ game was set to a soundtrack, what would it be?

A) “Walk This Way” – Aerosmith

B) “These Boots Are Made For Walking” – Nancy Sinatra

C) “Don’t Walk Away Boy” – Jade

D) “Walk Like A Man” – The Four Seasons

E) “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-a-lot

Difficult, eh? Not for us. We pick E. Forever and ever, we’ll go with E.

Landon Donovan: Next Round, Please


Don’t worry about Landon’s game face, he’s working on it.

If you are reading this post without the aid of an IV or hired help, we are impressed. First a gripping England v Slovenia game, and at the same time (so cruel, schedulers) watching a last-minute goal by Landon Donovan against Algeria to take the USA through to the next round of 16?

Kickette HQ is concerned there won’t be enough Jaffa Cakes to manage the stress eating.

Deep breaths, and deep glasses of champagne to all our England and American readers! What did you think of the way the games played out?