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Rio Ferdinand: England’s Best Shirtless Supporter


If you’re going to support your English homeboys, there’s no better way to do it than half-naked with face-paint (and with cheesecake, but sadly we don’t see any of that here).

We know, it’s not as if any of us needed reminding exactly what Mr. Ferdinand’s pecs are packing. But damn, it we’ll take it.

PS: did you notice we’ve got the pic in HQ? Because we totally do. A huge thanks to Rio and his abdominal support staff for sending our way. This is a man that keeps his word, Kickettes.

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Diego Pérez, Uruguay


Image via Getty Images.

world cup 2010In case you didn’t realize, defensive midfielder Diego Pérez was bleeding yesterday. A lot. We found this hot. We know there are others out there like us, surely?

Certain times call for desperate measures and Uruguay’s version of Nemanja Vidic is definitely not out of touch with his inner Incredible Hulk. Otherwise, he’s just your everyday, run-of-the-mill tall, dark tinman.

In his free time, Pérez enjoys popping his collar whilst sippin’ on gin and juice (Ed Note: or mate – a traditional herbal infusion).

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Mark Gonzalez, Chile


Images via Keystone Press, Getty images.

Is Mark Gonzalez the second coming of Cristiano, only with(slightly) less gel and suntan oil? We certainly hope so.

Chile laid claim to the top spot of the Group H leader board following yesterday’s 1 – 0 defeat of Switzerland. Mark’s facial features, meanwhile, are making a convincing argument for our World Cup MVP: most valuable piece of ass.

We don’t care to research his background in between our time consuming/productivity halting “he’s hot!” discussions, so take these pictures for what they’re worth: he’s really hot.

See also: his half torso flash. It’s like he’s tempting us by saying, “Finest Five me and I’ll take the rest off.”

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Aitor Ocio ballers on breaks

Images via Hola.com.


- Hottie with a body, Aitor Ocio, took his daughter Naia to EuroDisney in Paris. No, the child’s mother Laura Sanchez wasn’t there and yes, this man is very single.

- Raul and Mamen were spotted snapping photos of their twins, Jorge and Hugo, and stealing kissing from one another in NYC’s Central Park. The Real Madrid captain’s campaign,”Speak Out Against Hunger,” was also launched last week – with Sara Carbonero’s photo featuring on Elle magazine Espana’s cover.

- Sampdoria player, Antonio Cassano, married his longtime girlfriend, Carolina, in Portofino on Saturday.


Breaking News: Iker Casillas Shaves His Beard


Image via Getty Images

Iker’s made friends with his razor! He’s Pepe Reina approved now.

PS: If you have to ask why this qualifies as breaking news, then you really don’t know us very well at all.