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Midday Health Check with Carlos Bocanegra, USMNT


Carlos bocanegra

Is it just us or have today’s games unofficially heralded the real start of the World Cup?

Before we hit the pub to watch the Three Lions’ tongues take on Algeria, we wanted to call a pulse/heart rate/blood pressure check  for all of our U.S. and German Kickettes.

If you’re still breathing, then consider today a success.

Spanish Press Sounds Off: Go Muck Yourselves


Sara Carbonero English spotlightKnow this, Kickettes: We may hate on Sara Carbonero’s ill-chosen footwear, but we certainly don’t put words in her mouth.

You may be surprised to learn that some tabloids do not employ story fact-checkers. Others take stories seen on blogs or forums and re-write them using Google translate with quotes that were never said.

Whatevs. Let’s get to the dramaz. By now we’ve all read, seen or heard something about our beloved “Pastasauce” and her “connection” to Spain’s loss to Switzerland. If you’re like us, you probably gave the story an eyeroll or two, made a joke or two about carbs and kept it moving.

Well, after The Times featured what we believe to be a poorly translated interview on the front page of their print edition yesterday, (taking shots at Spain’s more popular sport reporters), the country’s legion of journalists took notice.

In case you didn’t get the chance to glean the original story and/or are too lazy to sign up to read TheTimes.co.uk, the Spanish press is calling the newspaper out for:

A) Blaming Sara Carbonero for the SNT loss;

B) Claiming that the Spanish press were the ones who originally blamed Sara Carbonero for the SNT loss.


World Cup ‘Ballers On Breaks: South African Adventures


Ferreira World Cup 2010

In between the first week of World Cup action, a few of the national squads took a football timeout to do good deeds (or, in Paolo Ferreira’s case, look cute while fending off jacket-eating wildlife.)


World Cup 2010Hugo Lloris was just one of the  seemingly less-than-enthused France NT players who visited the Dam Se Bos township last Sunday. Despite being chosen by the city of Knysna to help local residents inaugurate their new football pitch – a thank you for hosting the French and Danish national teams during the tournament -  Andre-Pierre Gignac and a few other compatriots wore their longest faces during the day trip.

Why so?


World Cup Style Files: Managerial Duds


German NT coach Joachim Loew does his best Miami Vice impression on the touchline during Germany’s 4-0 victory over Australia in Durban, South Africa. Image via Daylife/Getty.

We love our silver foxes here at Kickette. We love it even more when they dress (almost) better than we do.  Touchline attire usually falls into one of two categories: dapper or dour. Some managers style themselves to the nines for each match, yet others prefer the close-to-home comforts of a tracksuit and a baseball cap (we’re talking about you, Tony Pulis). Let’s see how some of the men in charge during the opening weekend of the World Cup measured up.


World Cup Hottie Hunting: Alexandro Tziolis, Greece


Greece national soccer team player Alexandros Tziolis

Greece’s economy is failing and the national team’s chances of advancing through the World Cup are dismal, at best. The only thing we all have to look forward to in today’s game against Nigeria is this man. AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis.