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Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero: Awkward, Much?


Image via ElPais.com.

Well, this is a tad awkward, isn’t it?

Despite sources saying they’ve been asked to keep their distance, Sara Carbonero (or as we prefer to call her for ease of reference, Sara Pastasauce*) came too close to her goalkeeper/boyfriend earlier today when broadcasting live from the Spain v. Switzerland game for Telecinco. Adding injury to insult, the most uncomfortable part of our days was seeing the post-match interview they did together.

Forgetting about the somewhat surprising La Furia Roja loss, we need to address the fury of this gal’s footwear. We hear she brought five suitcases – 5! – with her to South Africa, yet she opts for worn-out boots that should’ve been retired many seasons ago.

And before you ask – yes, we know it’s the start of winter in that part of the world. But if you’re going to rely on that argument, then we see your stance and raise you a “well then where’s her coat?”

*FYI, we don’t automatically detest any woman that dates Iker. See: Eva Gonzalez, who we are still girl-crushing on/making four wishes at 11:11 for her Iker reunion.

The Sizzle Query: Best World Cup Week One Mid-Sections


Image via Reuters Pictures.

Footy games three times daily are really doing a number on our brain power. One thing we are always willing to expend energy for?


And even more so?

World Cup torsos.

Today we’re pitting international washboards against one another. Six-pack versus six-pence, etc. etc…whatever. We’re out of analogies, and we’re confident you’ve already stopped reading to click through and judge our chosen few.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the toned tummies which proudly made their World Cup debut during the opening week’s matches. Don’t forget to cast a vote for every ab you see!


Xabi Alonso, Spain: Simply Scent-sational


Image: Ralf Reinecke

Our dearest Xabi Alonso was quoted in Spanish daily paper, Marca, today and his revelations were… Xabilicious. Yeah, we said it. Deal with our slipping editorial standards at another time. For now, look at the photo and feel the happy bubble of lust, longing and let-me-stroke-that-ginger-beard float you up and away.

As for the interview, here’s what you need to know: Xabi wears Chanel Allure cologne and envies women most for their sensitivity.

The Midweek Mmm: Red Card Reactions From Algeria, Australia & Serbia


world cup hot players

Image via AFP/Getty Images; AS.com.

Sweaty, angry and seeing red. Three sizzling send-offs from this past week’s WC matches proved that red cards aren’t always as bad as they seem. (Well, actually they’re terrible for the players, but stay with us on this one.)

Due to Algeria’s Abdelkader Ghezzal blatant handball, we’re declaring red cards as very hot right now. Of course, this is a passing trend as Australia and Serbia need Tim Cahill and Aleksandar Lukovic calm and collected if they are to have any hopes of getting out of the early group stages.

Group D first round 2010 World Cup footballThen again, their loss is our hump day gain so to hell with the rules. We like how good footballers look whilst being punished and would like more of it, please. In fact, we’ll gladly volunteer our best reprimanding services to FIFA if they are in need of assistance.

World Cup: Hair Horrors To Watch Out For


Image credit: AP Photo/Hussein Malla; AFP/Getty Images; Matt Slocum for AP Photos.

Bad hair. Each of the 32 teams competing in the World Cup has got at least one coif to be embarrassed of. We bring you the best of the worst hair styles.