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“D” Is For Delicious: The 5 Hottest Danish Players In The World Cup


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It appears our notoriety is spreading, dear readers. (And not just on the ‘Wanted’ posters found at our local ‘evening venue’ which may or may not have had dangly light fittings and a fish tank.) We’re talking proper, talent-related fame!

The clever types at Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet have homed in on our unflinching talent of separating the luscious from the leprous in the World Cup sides, and recently stated they were looking forward to our hot-picks from the Danish NT.

As we also have a talent for avoiding work, we asked them to throw the question out to their readers for their Top Five boys.

Below you will find their choices, with a cheeky Kickette commentary for good measure. We think they did rather well. Do you?


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Harry And Matilda Kewell


Sexy Socceroo Harry Kewell holds his daughter Matilda after Australia’s 4-0 loss to Germany in Durban, South Africa on 13 June, 2010. Images via Reuters.

Harry Kewell’s family is well-represented in South Africa.  Sheree Murphy brought kids Taylor, Ruby, and Matilda to watch their daddy… err, ride the bench on Sunday.

Not to worry – although Harry is carrying a slight injury, Socceroos fans are expecting him to be called on for their remaining fixtures against Ghana and Serbia.

The Monday Mmm: Sergio Ramos, Spain


The Ramos™ drifts off into a blissful state of imaginings and happenstances… where Gucci belts roam free and men can wear pink polo shirts without public offense. We love you, Sergio! Image via AP Photo.

Style Files: World Cup Wardrobe Guide


Image via the jammy cow Mariah Carey’s walk-in closet hook up.

As the first few days of the World Cup pass us by in a blur of bitchfaces and high dose junk food ingestion, we think it’s important not to lose sight of the important things: Wardrobe.

Of course, what to wear depends entirely on the location. Many Kickettes will be glamming it up at swanky parties complete with champs, mini quiches and coat checks. Some of you, we’re certain, will flit to packed pubs for the loud, lairy atmosphere and and alcohol-fueled excitement. And those enjoying “jammie time” on the settee (for better ease of shoveling cheese & onion crisps down one’s gullet without judgment) must also be acknowledged.

Regardless of location, one must always look their best. So, grab a Jaffa Cake (or 12) and join us in a spot of virtual retail therapy. Follow our advice and you will be sure to look the business while cheering on your team.


Thunder (In Our) Down Under: The 5 Hottest Australian World Cup Players


Australia can claim many things: great beaches, excellent indie makeup brands, and even one of our dearest Kickette staffers, who schlepped off to enjoy temperatures lovely and full of high UV indexes. Of course, this is also a nation that can claim a rather high abundance of man candy which we are always appreciative of. But enough of the chit and the chat, let’s get to the talent: