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The Real Winner: David Beckham’s Bitchface


Image via Reuters

T’was the bitchface heard round the world; your play, David Villa.

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Sergio Romero, Argentina


Granted, Sergio Romero and his temper might not be something you want in your life long-term (he once broke his hand smacking it in anger into a wall after a loss), but this lengthy-haired lovely definitely could be your Mr. Right (Now).

Dutch Masters: The 5 Hottest World Cup Players From The Netherlands


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You’ve got to give it to The Netherlands: they take a colour most of us would shy away from in the shops (neon orange) and make it the “it” shade to wear. Granted, the physical stats of the boys wearing the bright Oranje kits are so visually appealing, it’s hard to remain objective, but there you have it.

The Dutch have a real chance this year, with an ace squad who aren’t afraid to get dirty. So put your dry cleaners on speed dial and check out our top 5 hottest Dutch players in the World Cup.


French WAGs On A Plane


Jude Cisse

Image via Twitter.com/LadyJudeCisse.

Ain’t this the happiest bunch of WAGs you’ve seen in a long time?

Unlike their English counterparts, the wives and girlfriends of Les Bleus flew to South Africa late yesterday to see their men kick-off against Uruguay. Regardless of their in-flight accommodations, they have Patrice Evra’s power of persuasion to thank for their free ride to the tournament.

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Guillermo Franco, Mexico


Images via OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images.

In the spirit of spreading all the world’s pretty, we’ll be bringing you some of the best and brightest  – and most often, naked-est – footballers through the World Cup. More often than not, we’ll recommend a somewhat undiscovered national team talent for all to indulge in via Google. After all, we need some new lust up in this joint.

Mexico's national football teamAhead of today’s opening World Cup match we’re spotlighting the Mexican dimples of Guillermo Franco. His items of importance? A stellar group of abs, hairy “Happy Trail” and pristine suit-wearing abilities.

So, Kickettes, who’s watching Mexico’s World Cup kick-off match against South Africa?