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Stretches & Smiles: Pepe Reina, Victor Valdes – Spain


World Cup 2010: Four Years In The Making


It’s here Kickettes! We made it! To coin a phrase from our girl Lainey, it’s Jumpy Claps all round.

Are you freaking out? We. Totes. Are.

We started anticipation-eating last night, and we plan on gaining at least a stone in solid liquorice nibs by the time this is over.

We’ve got lots of fun stuff to get to today, including our own WC(!) predictions, but let’s start things off by getting straight down to business.

Here’s what we’re asking our legion of footy-mad, footy-clever and footy-fantastic readers:

1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year?

2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year?

3. Where will you be watching the games?

Here’s what we really want to know:

4. Which player? If you had to choose. Just one. And you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Talk to us, ladies.

Don’t forget to visit the community and join in some of our buzzing World Cup conversations and message boards:

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- And if you’re up for a spot of ‘Baller Bingo, here’s where to go.

Lukas Podolski: Crazy For Cats


It’s so wrong it may just be right.

If you need to be reminded of Poldi’s hotness and erase his cringe-making grin from your brain please click here.

Visit our friends at Dirty Tackle to see some truly exceptional photos of German NT members Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira being transformed into various African animals via body paint and fake teeth.

Image via Bild.de.

Gorgeous Geezers – The 5 Hottest England Players In The World Cup


Stevie & Lamps celebrate their inclusion in the Kickette England NT Hot List. (Images : Getty Images, AP Photos)

We’re petrified to venture down this path, Kickettes. With the disastrous injury/skankocity woes of the England NT recently, it seems almost foolhardy to single out any of the team for special mention in case we invoke whatever deity of destruction is following them around and someone ends up on the plane home. Still, it’s amazing what a couple of sneaky drams on the hip flask will do for one’s confidence.

Here’s our Hottest Five England World Cup Players list. Whilst reading, we ask all relevant fans to keep their fingers crossed. Just in case.


Tick Tock: Time Wasting For World Cup Clock Watchers


YouTube Preview Image

We know no one gives a shite about anything but the WC starting so why bother to pretend otherwise at work. Here’s a few options to help fill your midday entertainment void.

1. Brazil’s Robinho, Neymar and Ganso’s commercial for Seara
Set to the tune of “Single Ladies”. Need we say more?