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Well Suited: Slovenia in South Africa


Slovenia arrive in South Africa on Monday. They brought their man bags, shades and Louis Vuitton luggage so you know they mean business. Image: AP Photo

Lazy Links & Randoms


Image : Getty Images Europe via Zimbio.

- Having got a touch cross about the media following his boys on safari yesterday, England NT coach Fabio Capello lost his rag this morning as well, after he caught photographers trying to take pictures inside the training complex. Scary man or befuddled pensioner? You decide.

- Dani Guiza’s baby mama drama is the gossip gift that keeps on giving. The latest? He received a court ruling to kick his ex, Nuria, out of the home they once shared. The deed’s in his name, he’s pulling rank, and Nuria is calling poverty foul since she and her son are supposedly now stuck in the streets.

- A large beard and Men Without Hats 1982 hit ‘Safety Dance’ in one advert? Whatever this guy’s selling, we’re buying!

- A big congratulations to John O’Shea who tied the knot this week. We’re so glad he’s make something positive out of this.

- And big commiseration’s to Portugal’s Nani, who has fallen victim to the WC injury curse. Please, make it stop, someone!

- Earlier today we tweeted a random but essential photo of a micro pig wearing wellies. We sincerely hope you saw it.

- Danielle Lloyd drops a subtle hint regarding financial propriety to her fellow WAG’s. Don’t sit on the fence, Dani!

- Widow’s peak weirdo to uber hottie David Villa deftly demonstrates the impact that a little hairgel (and a soul patch) can have.

- And for all you ladies missing Nandina’s goldie locks, here’s a last glimpse. Altogether now… ahhhhh.

And if all that still isn’t enough to sate you, please browse Metro Sport UK’s list of top World Cup blogs, including our very own.  Wahey!

The Midweek Mmm: Pretty Co-Pilots


Images via Getty Images/Getty Images Europe.

Looky here, ladies, most of the world’s hotness has finally descended on South Africa.

On offer for today, may we suggest Mexico’s Carlos Vela doing his spikey and scruffy thang? Sidenote: we almost did a double take…does he not look like a budding Miguel Torres?

Meanwhile Gianluca Zambrotta and Fabio Quagliarella of Italy touched down via private plane – Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, suits and all.

Das Eisen schmieden, solange es heiß ist: 5 Best Bratwursts From Germany


Germany World Cup 2010

No, Mario Gomez, you are not invited to our “Strike While The Iron Is Hot” party. You can fault your stunted facial fuzz growth, not us. Images via REUTERS/Johannes Eisele; FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images; AP Photo/Hassan Ammar. Thanks Em!

Through our labour-intensive research, we’ve developed a wealth of German national team knowledge. For example, as a whole, the players like their hair gel. And they have issues with singing their country’s national anthem. We’ve also expanded our interest in their WAGs as of late because honestly, you can’t make this juicy goodness up: one girlfriend has expectations of a wedding offering financial security, and jokes (Ed Note: we think she’s joking) that she’ll kill herself when her player’s gone from the NT. Another WAG nearly lost a stone following an internet comment-induced crash diet.

If you skipped your German tutor sessions before they even got started, then this guide’s for you. We’re not German linguistas by any stretch of the truth; however, we can spot a good look-alike or five when we see them.


David Beckham: No Balls Allowed


YouTube Preview Image

Damn, it. Why don’t they just show us a video of Lassie desperately trying to drag a sick, orphaned child with a bad case of dandruff through a rainstorm? It would make us feel better than to see how much David Beckham wants to reunite with a football. Sigh.

Via Tim Lovejoy’s twitter