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Ooh La La: The 5 Fittest French World Cup Footballers


France: the country that continuously keeps on giving. Chanel, Macaroons, sexy-as-hell accents and Champagne, (for which we will forever be eternally grateful).  It seems appropriate then, that we analyse the land of cake, fab fashion and hot-derriered men to come up with our own list of fitties from the footballing world.  Its a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it. So without further ado, here’s our favs from the squad. Vive La France!


South Africa: The Americans Are Coming


The lads from the USMNT arrive in South Africa. Looks like they brought their “too cute to lose” faces along for the ride.

Sexy Stretches: Brazil’s Kaká v. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo Kaka

Images via Getty Images Europe/AP Photos.

Oh, looky! It’s Real Madrid’s most bromantic buddies. Do tell, which World Cup physio training team are you on: Brazil or Portugal?

If you’re not keen on Ronaldo’s fatally fit levels of melanoma, may we suggest shielding your saintly skin with God’s disciple, Kaká.

The Midweek Mmm: Eric Abidal, France


France National Team Hot footballers

We’ve come to realize that this site needs more Eric Abidal to feel complete. Image via EQ.

Footy Love: FIFA Likes Louis Vuitton, Too


Spain National Team 2010This summer’s most prized possession just got a major home renovation. Later this week, the Official FIFA World Cup Trophy will be making its way from Paris to South Africa in a specially-made Louis Vuitton case.

Can you say “big pimpin”? How about “holla!” Or, “Stop it now, you’re annoying.”

LV is preferred by WAGs and players alike, we think the worldwide football community can take partial credit for keeping the luxury brand’s business thriving even during a recession.  Of course, we this ‘fashion meets football case’ partnership is a natural, publicity-driven one, and reason enough for us to showcase Sergio Ramos and his LV luggage departing the SNT’s plane last week.

Perhaps our recommended “fined by FIFA” treatment for those without monogrammed goods will come to fruition after all?