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Didier Drogba: The Man In Cannes


Ivory Coast NT star player Didier Drogba keeps it gully at the Cannes Film Festival. Previously, he worked a shiny suit with a supermodel.

World Cup Buzz: Nike ‘Write The Future’ Viral


YouTube Preview Image

So, yeah. Anyone that can watch the World Cup twitch-inducing Nike – Write The Future video and not squee with anticipation worthy of a Topshop opening is dead to us.

A Study in National Team Training Techniques


Darren Bent & Glen Johnson discuss the benefits of Kickette ShinyThigh Liniment™ during an England NT training session. (Images via AP, Reuters, Getty Images)

As we lazily examine the flood of NT training photos currently washing around the office and ruining our work shoes, we’ve noted that each team seems to have a very specific (and frequently non-football related) approach to training for the World Cup.

So, as a service to you, our scrumptious and very discerning readers, we’ve sent the Kickette Scientific ManCandy Research Institute off on one of their specialist missions to suss out what it all means.

While we’re waiting for them to finish spending their expenses money in the pub (which we realise could be some considerable time) we’ve had a go on our own.


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: The Van Persie Family


Images via Gunnersgirls

Doesn’t this photo of lush Dutch striker Robin Van Persie and his family outside a hotel in the Netherlands make you want to call for some urgent butler service? Nothing screams relaxing family travel like 1,800 kilos of luggage, baby blankets, toys, car seats, candy bribes and bags.

Never mind, baby Dina makes getting a paraphernalia-related hernia all worthwhile. Gorgeous!

Kickette Catch-Up: A Thorough Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Images via Hola! magazine, AS.com, Getty Images Europe


- The Beckhams treated their trio of boys to the Jonas Brothers’ summer tour kick-off concert in Los Angeles. Romeo Beckham (above) demonstrated how to properly wear one summer staple: white sunglasses. Chic in his own right, Cruz Beckham chose eccentric red shades to go with his uniquely suave hairstyle.

- We launched our Facebook page! No, we don’t know how to use it. But a little thing like that shouldn’t stop you from adding us…

- Weekend Gossip regular Cheryl Cole took to the Berlin stage Saturday evening in her visually displeasing costumes. She also treated some lucky fans to autographs while passing through Zurich airport. Has news of Ashley’s toilet cubicle mate caught up with her yet?

- An enraged Malaga fan tossed a water bottle at Cristiano Ronaldo’s head as he exited Real Madrid’s away game travel bus. Some Kickette staffers found his method of duckery humorous.