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The Monday Mmm: Carlos Bocanegra, U.S.



USMNT captain Carlos Bocanegra helped deliver the USA FIFA World Cup Bid Book today. He looked rather fit in the process. Image via US Soccer.

Giuseppe Rossi: Are You Buying What He’s Selling?


Image Credit: Olugbenro Ogunsemore for ESPN The Magazine

Finally, the rest of the world is recognizing what we’ve known all along: the finest DNA is saved for footballers. And that featuring attractive footy stars on magazine covers is a successful publicity formula.

Today’s gene pool case-in-point? Villareal striker and Italian NT member, Giuseppe Rossi, who’s fronting ESPN The Magazine‘s May 17 issue. After a quick survey of our inner sanctuary, we report mixed findings about his abundance of back-of-the-hand hair. Once upon a time, a few of you even claimed that knuckle forests were your dealbreakers.

Of course, if we spotted ‘Beppe cruising around a piazza, we’d let him buy us a panini. But what about our nearest and dearest gal pals? If you suddenly found yourself jaywalking alongside Rossi’s gorgeous greens, would you:

A) Call him a traitor, toss him a bottle of Selsun Blue and tell him to go to town while he waits for his Italian NT World Cup call-up?

B) Happily engage in a discussion on where to source the best Orzata in town?

C) Act naturally as you sell him your body at a cut price, while simultaneously offering your shameless WAGabee soul as that day’s one-time-only free gift with purchase?

There are no wrong answers, only different consequences.

John Terry Injures Foot During Training Today


Image via Chelsea FC

Last night, John Terry and his wife Toni were out at a Chelsea Tickets For Troops dinner. This morning, he injured his foot in training. Chelsea reps have said that John is able to walk with a protective boot and will be getting the results of a scan tomorrow.

Not that we need to call attention to the minor event happening in a few weeks called the World Cup. Nopey nope nope, we don’t need to draw attention to that or the amount of injuries to players that have happened recently. Why? Because we’re too busy blasting Rescue Remedy down our throats at the speed of light and consulting astrologyzone.com to see what the future holds, that’s why.

Side note: The mercury retrograde is totally to blame for this ish.

Get well soon JT!

Update: contrary to fact-check fail/dramatic reports, JT has NOT broken his foot. It now appears that the injury isn’t serious enough to keep him out of the squad. Thank Iker for that.

World Cup Merch We Love: NT Havaianas


World Cup-themed merchandise is starting to come in fast and furious.  With just over a month to go, we are feverishly trying to assemble our game-watch wardrobes.

As you know, our first choice of shoe will always be a killer heel, but we admit to needing some relief at times. Luckily, these special edition Havaianas flip-flops will allow us to give our feet a rest while still supporting our country of choice.