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Party Boys: Pepe Reina & Sergio Ramos At “F-Me, I’m Famous” In Ibiza


La Roja partying in Ibiza

Sergio Ramos, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, Xavi Hernandez and Pepe Reina were guests of DJ David Guetta at Pacha nightclub in Ibiza last weekend. The name of the party in question? “F**k Me, I’m Famous”. Or, as we like to call it, “You don’t have to ask us twice.”

Fernando Torres: The Hair Files


Why yes, it is a slow news day, thanks for asking! Now let’s analyse Fernando Torres’s hair.

Why He Cut His Hair

“To be honest, I told my wife ‘I need to look more like a father’…but…everyone tells me now I look like a kid so it was a mistake.” – Fernando Torres when asked why he cut his hair.

When he first got the chop, vindication was our initial feeling. But we’re starting to agree with Fern – the cut may not have propelled Nando to being breakout star of the World Cup, but we lurve his natural baby boy brown look now.

Why He Refused To Do It In The Past

Oddly enough, his father supports the short style since he once tried bribing a 17-year-old ‘Nando to cut his hair in exchange for a car. Fern’s response to his fathers request + a mandatory trip to bible studies? No go on the cuttage – saying biblical long-haired boys Samson, John The Baptist and Jesus were his inspiration.

“But did you notice they all walked everywhere?” was his dad’s clever comeback. Point taken.

Why He Won’t Do It In The Future

In response to speculation on what he’d do if Spain won the World Cup, “making promises related to hair is easy.  That wouldn’t be any problem and the occasion requires something bigger.”

What Has Extra Meaning Now We Know What We Know About Mr. Torres And His Fertile Baby-Making Abilities

With wifey Olalla pregnant with their second child, Fern’s comments about looking more like a father make sense. He’s all growed up, bless.

PS: You’ve seen this, right?

USMNT: The Kickette Mandatory Triple Challenge


YouTube Preview Image

We’ve played the MTC before, Kickettes. And we’re never nice about making you choose.

So, this time, start by taking a look at the above video, featuring Carlos Bocanegra, Benny Feilhaber and Stuart Holden at the ESPYs pre-party. They’re talking about World Cup stuff, but really, it’s not the point of the exercise. Just watch so you can get a flavour for the different types of treats on offer.

Now you must choose. But you only get to have two of the three. Which ones you be wrapping up and taking home from the shop today, dear readers? No refunds, no returns, and you can’t put the remainder on layaway either.

[Via The Original Winger]

Gerard Pique: Lip Smackingly Good


YouTube Preview Image

It’s Friday. You survived the first non-World Cup week. You deserve this.

World Cup Awards: A Tournament In Review


Diego Perez, Uruguay

Alas, the 2010 edition of the World Cup (or, as we like to call it, “The Marriage of Much Man/Flesh in Motion”) is now securely fastened under our Hermes belts. The time has come to bid our final adieu with a few medals of our own.

Hottest Newcomer

Of all the World Cup Hottie Hunting posts we agonised over, Uruguay’s Diego Perez was the cream of the be-on-the-lookout-for crop. His rough and tumble look is this season’s new black – even when found in costume.