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Well-Suited: The Dutch Arrive In Amsterdam


Robin Van Persie, put that camera down and make nice for the fangirls, please. Image via Daylife/Getty Images.

The Netherlands NT have arrived back at home and promptly began partying like it was 1999 on a celebratory canal cruise. Over 500,000 fans turned out in Amsterdam to support the team and their second place spot at the biggest footy competition in the world.

Much like the Spanish, it would seem the booze of choice post-game for ‘ballers that need to par-tay is…  beer. Cheers, Johnny!

World Cup Criers: A Meme On Man Tears


Image via Getty/Daylife

Another World Cup has come and gone. Hearts have either been broken or burst open with pride. Credit card debt has its moment in the sun. All the Budweiser has been tapped dry. And tears. So many tears have been shed, we wish we’d gotten into the eye cream/cold spoon merch six months ago.

We’ve lovingly covered crying men in the past. But this time around, it’s different. The stakes were so high, emotions so on edge. And thus, the cry-game was elevated to new, lip quivering heights.

Let’s examine, shall we?

Above is Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan, demonstrating I Let An Entire Continent Down tears. We feel for him, Kickettes. Gyan had a great tournament, but at that crucial moment during Ghana’s quarterfinal match against Uruguay, he failed to convert a penalty kick that would have helped his team advance to the semifinals and kept African hopes alive. We’re hoping someone has Fed-Exed him an industrial sized box of Ferrero Rocher. And a therapist. Bless.


Xabi Alonso’s Celebratory Short Tent: Are You Surprised?


Xabi Alonso spanish world cup win

Honesty is the best policy so, yes we, David Silva and Sergio Busquets are all pleasantly surprised/shockingly in awe. We did several double takes, click + zooms just to be sure no camera trickery was involved. We can now confidently say Xabi Alonso should come with a warning label. Nagore, we bow down to you. Image via Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe.

Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly and Barely Speaking English


YouTube Preview Image

Be still our (barely) beating and hungover hearts.

There’s nothing we like more than to see than hot footballers messing around when under the influence of alcohol. Especially when those “certain someone’s” are Pepe Reina on the phone with his mum. FYI, Pepe’s sexy stock is rising faster than Sergio Ramos can down that bottle of Budweiser. The fabulous Cesc Fabregas, however, is a light weight and should be mocked accordingly. And then cuddled.

Speaking of Sergio, our fave pony has let fly with the English, rendering us incoherent with squee. What is it about broken English that sets our hearts aflutter?


Iker Casillas: Prince Charming


Spain’s Royal Family welcomed the national team home today in adorably mushy fashion. Princesses Leonor and Sofia were excited to see the World Cup trophy and the trophy only. Make sense since San Iker considers himself an ordinary person from the street.