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The Monday Mmm: Spain In The Changing Room


Images via FIFA.com

They’re emotional, half-naked and drinking beer. This, Kickettes, is our happy place.


World Cup Commiserations: Wesley Sneijder’s Tears Say It All


Images via Daylife/Reuters

We know, Dutch fans: there is no bright side. But we do want to take a moment to virtually hug Wesley Sneijder. He teaches us that sad can be so very sexy.

The Oranje fought hard (literally), but came up short in the end this time around. We feel your pain, Dutch Kickettes and suggest shopping sprees and copious amounts of alcohol to help ease you through. Just be sure to shop before you drink. Wesley and his crew refuse to be held responsible for any questionable purchases.

Well done to The Netherlands for what they achieved in their amazing World Cup journey!

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Iker & Sara: A World Cup Winning Kiss – UPDATED


YouTube Preview Image

More, (much), more to come when we’re (slightly) sober, but for now, congratulations to Spain for winning the World Cup! Let’s all celebrate by watching Iker Casillas snog the crap out of his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero.

Basically, here’s the translation from Iker: he repeats how happy he is about 40,000 times before he thanks his parents, his (hot, younger, French-speaking) brother, and then pauses to shed a tear. After he collects himself he says, ‘and you’, before going in for the kill.

Due to her ability to partially maintain her composure rather than perform a rousing rendition of her ‘BOOYAH BISHES I’M NO BLACK CAT AFTER ALL‘ dance, Kickette HQ is now split on the sauce. Indeed, some of us appreciate and are beginning to think Iker might wife her. The rest of us are still on an anti-carb diet.

UPDATE: Telecinco confirmed that Sara’s response was…wait for it…‘mama mia’.

UPDATE II: In an interview with AS.com, Iker has dedicated his win not only to his family but also to Sara because “she’s been through a lot”.

World Cup Miniature Men: Who Ya Got?



World Cup Finals: WAG Wear


Images via Getty Images, AP Photo/Luca Bruno.

Sylvie van der Vaart WAGSara Carbonero (Iker Casillas, Spain) and Yolanthe (Wesley Sneijder, Holland) have got their game day gear on. So, yes, they seem to have spirit, but how about you?

We appreciate how Yolanthe’s family made her the hat/outfit especially for this potentially historic moment, but we’re siding with Sylvie van der Vaart for the style stealing win.