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World Cup Results: Third Place Thankfuls


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Well done, Germany! Sure, third place isn’t the same as booking a place in the World Cup Final, but in the wise words of every annoying self-help book we’ve ever used as a coaster, it’s all about feeling thankful for what was achieved and appreciating all the thanking thankfulness that comes with the T’s and the Y’s. Or something.

So here’s what we’re immensely grateful for:

- A sweaty Arne Friedrich and his bottom curvature formation is always worth spending your last tenner at Paperchase for a few heart-shaped stickers to go in your “gratitude” journal.

- Bastian Schweinsteiger. He is made up of several parts we greatly appreciate.

- A mighty enjoyable third place game with good goals and good footy.

- Getting to see one of our favourite new discoveries again: Uruguay’s Diego Perez, aka baby Vidic. We feel the shine his hot robot is putting down.

- Miroslav Klose’s hugging techniques. He’s a full-body presser.

And, since we’ve not started our intravenous anti-hangover chocolate IV drip and are thus a tad on the cranky side, here’s what we’re not so thankful for:

- Cold temperatures resulting in a shameful lack of base layers from the players we have come to rely on most for post-game man flesh. (Looking at you Mario Gomez and Diego Forlan.)

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany: Dignified In Defeat


No one wants to see a sad Schweini. Not now, not ever.

But, let this be a lesson to us all: there can still be great dignity in defeat. Silently suffering, Bastian took a moment to compose himself. And then stripped off, like a real man does.

German-supporting Kickettes, we may be talking abs, but we feel your pain. To see such a talented and exciting team go out at this stage is agony. Do tell: what do you think would have made the difference for Germany?

More on Sunday’s Netherlands/Spain final to come!

“Team Sushi”: Spain National Team Secrets


Not sure we’d class the recent revelations by Sopitas.com about the Spanish National Team as “secrets”. To us, that would mean information about which bedtime stories Sergio Ramos reads to Pedro, and whether David Villa is buying S, M or larger-than-medium-but-still-not-Large-size underpants.

Still, we’ll take these fun tidbits of info because we’re greedy like that.

A Tangled Web Of Winners: Netherlands Through To The World Cup Finals


World Cup Oranje

Images via AFP, REUTERS/Mike Hutchings.

World Cup Netherlands v. UruguayNetherlands v. Uruguay World CupBoy, the Dutch sure do like to touch.

Rightfully so, following their 3 – 2 victory over Uruguay tonight. Through to their first World Cup final game since 1978, they’ll probably party instead of anxiously waiting to see who they will face from tomorrow’s Germany-Spain semifinal. At least, that’s what we would do.

World Cup NetherlandsFrom the looks of their contortionist-like skills , we believe the Dutchies would put up a mean Twister fight that would (hopefully) tie us all up in knots.

Congrats guys!

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Maarten Stekelenburg, The Netherlands


We love us a tall drink of semi-goofy goalkeeping water here at Kickette. Say hello to Holland and Ajax man at the back, Maarten Stekelenburg. He helped The Oranje defeat mighty Brazil 2-1 and will take to the field today to work on getting The Netherlands to the World Cup finals.  Image via Reuters/Daylife.