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QOTD Quiz Game: Name That WAG


Think you’re up on the (sometimes un)polished pearls of WAG wisdom, boys and girls? Well then, step right up and give us your best guesses in our makeshift QOTD Quiz Game.

In the above crappily-configured chart, you’ll find the last seven days’ most memorable quotes as spoken by wives and/or girlfriends of footballers across Europe. All you have to do is correctly match all 9 women to their words and you win.

By ‘win’ we mean you’ll feel really good about yourself for all of 30 seconds. If that.

Answers will be revealed in tomorrow’s Good Week/Bad Week update, so happy guessing and no cheating!

Tim Howard: He Scorez, He Sadz



We weren’t sure whether we could love Timmy Howard any more. Just to recap, we know that he looks like this naked and is clearly an ‘all-round top bloke‘ if our recent convo with him was anything to go by. But his response to scoring a wind-assisted wonder goal vs. Bolton Wanderers last night set off all kinds of special lovin’ feelings for us.


John Terry: Smokin’ Hot


Image: FINDLAY KEMBER/AFP/Getty Images.

Remember kids. Smoking is bad. It rots your lungs, prematurely ages your skin and due to recently implemented non-smoking legislation, can cause hair frizzing as you stand outside in the rain.

Now, John Terry might have made our hair curl in the past with his nefarious lady-bothering activities, and even caused the odd bout of breathlessness when his shorts get clingy, but so far he hasn’t aged us. So we can understand his anger upon discovering that his image is being used on government issue warnings placed on a brand of cigarettes in India.

The England captain is apparently considering legal action against those responsible for the warnings, which were still adorning packets of ‘Gold Flake’ in Delhi yesterday. Rightly so, or is he just peeved because he didn’t get condoms, like Davey B a couple of years ago? Or his own version of this Oliver Kahn endorsed World Cup accessory from 2006?

Only time and legal action will tell, Kickettes.

Seasons Greetings: A Friendly Reminder From Iker Casillas & Us


Image Credit: Hola! Magazine.

Two important housekeeping issues we’d like to reiterate:

1. Watch what you eat or suffer the allergic reaction consequences ala Iker. God that looks like it hurts, doesn’t it?

2. Today’s the last day to vote in our FPCOTY poll. Have your say here.

Facts & Figures: Football-related Disorder Arrests ‘At Record Low’

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Image via AP Photos.

The UK Home Office, responsible for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, counter-terrorism and police, has been tooting its horn for all to hear today.

The reason?

Arrests for football-related disorders among English and Welsh fans has hit a new, all time record low.

That would be 3,089 arrests, mind you, but still less than the +3,300 arrests recorded in 2009/2010.